Holiday in Cyprus

After 10 months in england, I finally came back home as I mentioned in my last blog. Coming home filled my heart full of joy. When i landed, i spent the first night at my home, cuddling my dogs and next day i started visiting everyone. I started from my dads side of the family, visited my grandma, then my cousin’s boutique and my other grandma. After completing the family visits, it was finally the time to see my long missed friends. My mum drove me to my friend’s house and we went to the local coffee shop, Walk of Fame. Next day, we went to a holiday resort. We had the family visiting from London over as well as my friends at the holiday resort. I can say I really missed my friends and family and not thinking about the responsibilities after a long year of being on own. I was also spoiled with food as everyone cooked for me. After a few days beautifully spent drinking and eating with friends and family by the beach, the local orange festival started. My town Morphou is famous for its oranges and every year we hold a cultural orange festival. Everyone all over the island comes to this festival as locals set up stalls and famous musicians from Turkey as well as local famous musicians perform. The festival food is scrumptious as well, as they are mainly cultural food of Cyprus. This festival lasts for a week and most days, I visited the festival. The rest of the days, I went out everyday at the holiday resort, collecting rocks by the beach at the evening which is my kind of meditation with the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. It is so peaceful and quiet and the beauty of my island’s rocks always impress me. I also watched sun setting by the beach almost everyday, taking sips from my drinks. I got to work at the beach bar for a day too at the holiday restort, preparing drinks for my friends and I as I made friends with bartenders over the course of my holiday.  I also learned how to prepare some of the most trending drinks.

Overall, I had a beautiful much needed holiday in Cyprus swimming in the pools and beaches and now I am on my way to Italy for a week. For my next blog I can’t wait to talk about my holiday in Italy.

Till next time,