Flight to Cyprus

I hope you are enjoying the sun as much as I am right now. I am currently in Cyprus, in one of my favourite spots in Cyprus, by the beach. I want to tell you a little bit about my journey back to Cyprus. First of all, I had a campus tour that day so I had to walk to the campus with my luggage. When I arrived to the campus, I used lockers which are located just under the stairs of the library. They are completely free of charge and you can use it any time of the day but once it is past 11 pm, they automatically reset so your belongings will not be safe past that time. This system ensures that no-one leaves their belongings overnight so the lockers are not full and there will be available lockers. When I finished my campus tour, I walked to the train station which took me about 5-10 minutes from the campus. My flight was from Gatwick to Larnaca. Gatwick is pretty close to Guildford so my train took less than an hour to arrive to the Gatwick airport. The transportation from Guildford to Gatwick was very straightforward and convenient and costed about £13 . I only had one change in Redhill and from Redhill to Gatwick it took exactly 8 minutes. The train station is located just under the airport so if you take the elevator to the second floor from the train station you will find yourself inside the airport. I scanned my boarding card to go through security which was very straightforward again. Because of the metals in my shoes I had to go though an extra security checking so make sure you wear as little metals as possible if you want to move quicker inside the airport. By coincidence, I ended up booking the same flight with my cousin and his girlfriend which turned out to be super fun. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed for an hour at first so we decided to enjoy Wetherspoons at Gatwick Airport. If you don’t know already, spoons, which is short for Wetherspoons, is part of the British culture where you can get affordable drinks and food. I had two pink gin lemonade which is my new favourite drink and some chips. After enjoying spoons it was time for us to go to the gate. They checked our passports and let us in the gate where we had to wait again. I was flying with WizzAir which is one of the low-cost airlines operating from London to Cyprus and to be completely honest with you, my flight was awful! I had to wait at least half an hour at the gate after they checked our passports and tickets to be let in to the plane. It was apparently because the previous flight that the plane took was delayed too and the aircraft had to be cleaned for the next one. When we finally got in the airplane, it was so so so crowded. I also met with some people at the airport and while we were waiting at the gate so if you are talkative like me, it is inevitable that you will meet with new people. I always find meeting new people fun and hearing their back stories, where they are flying to for what reason. I was seating next to a British woman who bought a house in a really nice part of Kyrenia distinct of the island, Karmi. She told me it was 15 years ago when she first came to Cyprus and fell in love with it and that’s when she knew she wanted to live there for the rest of her life. I was also sitting next to a girl who was originally from Cyprus and just like me she first came to the UK to study and after finishing all her studies now she works in the UK. After ending up with 3 hours of delay, we finally took off at 11pm. I tried sleeping in the plane but it was too hot and crowded to sleep. After very uncomfortable 4 hours of flying, I finally landed to my beautiful island. My dad and my brother picked us up from the airport and after an hour of driving I arrived to my cozy house in my beautiful village. I am so grateful to finally meet with my friends and family and to be in the place where I spent most of my life at. Although I love my life at Guildford, it hits different when you finally see your family and friends you grew up with. 

Till next time, 

Cemsu XOXO