Freshers’ Week Tips

Hello everyone! 

I hope you are doing well and ready to start university. In this blog, I will give some freshers week tips. First of all, before you arrive to campus, on instagram follow @uniofsurrey (official page of the university) , @surreyunion (official students union page) , @surreystudent (an account run by various students for better student experience, usually student ambassadors). Check the union website for societies and follow the socials of the societies that attract your interest so you can be aware of upcoming events of those societies. Students Union website or instagram page is where you can find the timetable for freshers week events. If you are moving to the university accommodation, you will need kitchenware like plates, pots, cutlery etc. Although it isn’t urgent for you to buy these beforehand, I strongly suggest so you can cook instead of ordering take away. As you will cook in the kitchen, it encourages conversation between your flatmates. Being present in the common areas and cooking will be an icebreaker between you and your flatmates. Don’t forget to buy a doorstop as well if you are looking to break the ice whilst everyone is moving in! Keeping your door open during the freshers week will encourage conversations between your flatmates and offer to help with moving in!

If you are an international student, which I assume you are if you are reading this blog, set up a students account. I suggest getting Santander’s student account as the only fee is £1 per month. 

Once you arrive on campus, I suggest you book a campus tour so experienced student ambassadors can show you around the campus. This will help you get familiarised with locations of specific buildings on campus and reduce the likeliness of getting lost on campus and being late to lectures because you couldn’t find the lecture room. Check your timetable for attending welcome lectures. In these lectures, lecturers will introduce themselves and you will get to meet with the department and your course mates as well. 

To get to know the societies at University of Surrey, book a slot for freshers fair and attend your allocated slot. You will get a lot of freebies and gain a chance to familiarise yourself with the societies and make your mind about which one you want to join by listening to their objectives and their plans for future events. Joining societies will help you make friends at university easier as you are likely to have the same interests with other members of the society. 

When you arrive at university, you need attend your registration, which is in university hall on campus so you can get your campus card. The queue for this may look scary but you need to get this done as soon as possible so you access university facilities like the library and Rubix using your student ID. You can arrange to get your registration done with your flatmates and get to know them a lil more waiting whilst waiting in the queue or on your way to the university hall if you are based in Manor Park or Hazelfarm. Alternatively, you can chat to the other students whilst waiting in the queue. Don’t be scared to make the first move. All the students are in your position and are looking to make new friends. Most will appreciate you making the first move and you may end up being close friends. 

On the nights out, please beware of your surroundings. If you are going out on campus to Rubix, keep handy the security’s number as they work 24/7 on campus. Don’t leave your drinks unattended and have loads of fun! That’s it really, I hope I was helpful and can’t wait to see you all on campus.

Till next time,