Freshers’ Fair

Hello everyone, it’s me again and today I will write about the freshers fair! On 23rd of September, freshers fair was held in Marquee in Pats Field. Freshers fair is the perfect opportunity to sign up to societies and discover what your interests lie as well as get to know the committee of over 180 societies in University of Surrey! Whatever your interest, there will be a club or society for you, may it be in music, sports, literature, politics, performing arts, media, faiths, national and cultural groups, volunteering or something else. During freshers fair, I was switching between 2 booths as I am in the committee of both Economics and Finance Society and Occult Society. It was a little stressful but the excitement of meeting with all the freshers and people whom I share the same interests with beat the stress. Even if you do not want to join any societies, you can get loads of freebies just by attending the fair. For example, I had so much freebies that it was hard for me to walk home with all! Some of the freebies you can get are;


A water ball

Rubber duck

Casino t-shirt

Jucce Vape 

Tarot cards designed by tattoo artists

Students Union tote-bag

Greeneking water-bottle

Students Union water bottle

Students Union Fan


Pop sockets

Spikey bottle stopper by the Surrey police

Loads of pens









Crocheted sunflower car mirror hanger and many more! Who doesn’t love freebies?

However, attending clubs and societies whilst you are studying in Surrey is an amazing opportunity to make new friends, help you with exam and assignment stress and further your skills. If you come to Surrey, make sure you book for freshers fair and attend! 

Till next time,