Surrey Decides 2023

Hello everyone! I am back after a busy year and in this blog post I will delve into the vibrant world of Surrey Decides, exploring the significance of these elections and the excitement they generate.

University of Surrey are not only centers of academic excellence but also thriving communities that foster personal growth and student engagement. A crucial aspect of this engagement is the opportunity for students to actively participate in shaping their university experience through democratic processes, such as student union elections. At the University of Surrey, these elections are known as “Surrey Decides,” where students elect their representatives and, most notably, their Student Union President. There are 5 full-time positions available and 26 part-time positions.

The Role of the Student Union President

The Student Union President plays a pivotal role in representing and advocating for the student body’s interests and welfare. They act as a bridge between students and university administration, ensuring that students’ voices are heard on various matters, ranging from academic concerns to extracurricular activities. The president’s responsibilities include leading the student union, chairing meetings, overseeing campaigns and events, and collaborating with university staff to implement positive changes. In essence, the president acts as the face and voice of the student community, embodying their aspirations and striving to enhance their university experience.

Campaign Fever and Candidate Initiatives

Surrey Decides sparks a frenzy of excitement and enthusiasm across campus, as candidates vie for the coveted position of Student Union President. The election season is marked by spirited campaign rallies (You also get 4 free Rubix! tickets to campaign at the nightclub), engaging debates also known as the question time for surrey decides, and numerous creative initiatives aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the student electorate.

Candidates often develop comprehensive manifestos outlining their plans and vision for the university. These manifestos cover diverse areas, such as student welfare, academic support, sports and societies, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion. As they strive to connect with their fellow students, candidates employ various strategies, including social media campaigns, campus visits, interactive workshops, and open forums. This vibrant campaign atmosphere not only engages the candidates but also captivates the student body, encouraging them to participate actively in the electoral process.

Student Engagement and Voting

Surrey Decides places a strong emphasis on encouraging student engagement and ensuring that every voice is heard. The elections are open to all registered students, providing an equal opportunity for everyone to contribute to the democratic process. To facilitate ease of voting, the university employs a user-friendly online voting system, allowing students to cast their votes conveniently from their devices.

Moreover, the Student Union as well as individual candidates collaborates with different student societies and clubs to organize events that promote awareness and discussion surrounding the elections. These events include candidate Q&A sessions, debates, and campus-wide campaigns to encourage students to make informed choices.

The Importance of Surrey Decides

Surrey Decides is more than just an election; it is a platform for students to shape their university experience actively. By participating in the electoral process, students take ownership of their institution and contribute to the development of policies and initiatives that benefit the entire student community. Moreover, the election process fosters leadership skills, critical thinking, and civic engagement, preparing students for their future roles as active citizens in society.

The Result and Beyond

After the whirlwind of campaigning and presidential question time, the voting starts, and the student body eagerly awaits the announcement of the elected students. The chosen candidate has the immense responsibility of fulfilling their promises and delivering on the expectations of their fellow students. The elected president collaborates with the student union team, the university administration, and various stakeholders to implement their plans and bring about positive change on campus.


Surrey Decides at the University of Surrey is an electrifying showcase of student engagement, democratic values, and leadership potential. Through this vibrant electoral process, students actively participate in shaping their university experience, electing a representative who will champion their causes and enhance their welfare. The election season ignites an atmosphere of excitement, debate, and critical thinking, nurturing future leaders and fostering a sense of community on campus. Although I have not won the election, I gained so many skills and made so many new friends. It was overwhelming to see many people support you and your causes, not to mention 555 students actually voted for me!!. Ultimately, Surrey Decides is a testament to the power of students’ voices and their ability to drive positive change within their educational institutions.

Presidential Question Time
Campaign at Rubix!