Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers: consultation report launched

Following the sector consultation as part of the ten-year review of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, the full report has now been published by the Concordat Strategy Group (CSG).

This report contains much of the detail and analysis on which the revised Concordat will be based and has been informed by almost 600 survey responses as well as through UK consultation events and discussions that were held last year. The level of engagement and strength of opinion has clearly been demonstrated through 5,000+ free text survey comments received.

The consultation and analyses were conducted by Vitae, part of the Careers Research Advisory Centre (CRAC) Ltd, on behalf of the CSG, and provide a critical insight into the views of both researchers and those with a stake in managing researchers, including HEIs, funders and other research organisations.

The responses were overwhelmingly in favour of revising the Concordat, making it shorter, clearer and more accessible, and in particular redefining the specific responsibilities of funders, employers, principal investigators/managers of researchers and researchers themselves. The report also highlights opposing perspectives from institutions and senior decision-makers around particular areas such as time and funding allowance for professional development and research independence.

The report provides useful analysis to consider within an institutional context and is an important milestone towards the revised Concordat and helping improve the environment and career development for researchers. Read the report

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