Saturday 27 July – No access to labs or any other academic buildings

This is an advance warning that you will not be able to access most academic or other non-residential buildings on Saturday 27 July.

This is due to essential maintenance work to the main power transformer serving the University’s Stag Hill site on that date. If this work is not carried out there is an increased risk of an unplanned power cut to Stag Hill – with much more serious consequences for the University campus.

Services on Saturday 27 July will be affected as follows:

  •  Most Stag Hill academic and other buildings closed, with no access.
  • Stag Hill University accommodation buildings – open but without electricity or WiFi from 9am – 5pm. Those in University accommodation will be given more information and guidance on the impact of the power shutdown nearer the time.
  • Library – closed
  • Austin Pearce and Rik Medlik – open and with power and IT as normal
  • Manor Park campus (including the Vet School, Kate Granger Building, Leggett Building and Clinical Research Centre) – open as normal

Back-up power generators on Stag Hill will ensure that business critical systems that cannot be shut down are maintained for the duration of the power outage. Where systems are not business critical, in the majority of cases they will be shut down in a managed process from Friday evening, and powered back up on the Sunday. If you believe for any reason that any system your work is reliant on may not have been flagged, please talk urgently to your tutor, supervisor and/or your faculty facilities manager.

If you believe you are likely to need essential access to any closed building on Stag Hill on Saturday 27 July, please discuss this with your tutor or supervisor and then alert us via ASAP. It will not be possible to arrange access on the day or at short notice.

While all systems will be restored as soon as is possible on Sunday 28 July, please check the University of Surrey website homepage for live alerts on the Sunday if you intend to access buildings or services that were affected by the power shutdown on Saturday 27 July.

This essential project is being carefully planned and has been timed to minimise disruption. For the majority this should have little or no impact. But please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns.