AcWriMo 2019 Launch!


…you’ll have caught its whisper upon the wind.


…the agonies of a vanished civilization; a spectre’s hopeless search for peace; a forbidden word of power?


No! It is the call – faint and fleeting – to scholars and scientists of all stripes. “Remember,” it says, “Remember. You’ll need to write some of this down…”

This November is the season of harvest. Sketches notes must be gathered in, long-forgotten drafts coaxed from their files. The hard labour that will see you through the winter begins.

Academic Writing Month is the nationwide movement to support you in getting that article done, pimping your writing skills, and building your writing community. A nation of academics striving together, a bit like a good old-fashioned barn raising.


How should we respond to this ghostly summons? In the Researcher Development Programme, our schedule is packed tighter than a pomegranate, with virtual writing retreats, tailored workshops, industry presentations and seminars. The full programme can be found here.

We encourage you to make a commitment this November: set some firm writing targets – whether this is creating some good writing habits, publishing your first article, or polishing off those looming manuscript corrections. We’re here to help you get organised, and our new Academic Writing Fellow, Nadya Yakovchuk is on hand for expert advice and feedback.

To begin and close the month we’re running virtual writing retreats: block out a day to work on a core projects, and get the support of a writing mentor over Skype or email. Places are limited, so book soon by emailing


The call is stronger now, urgent.

Its strange echoes stir the autumn leaves, pull at the pages of your notebook.

What will you answer?

Dr Mike Rose
Researcher Training Officer