Stay connected to other researchers through PGR Mentoring

During the lockdown period, we know that our PGRs will be feeling quite disconnected from other researchers.

First year PGRs:

Those who have just started a PhD will be feeling more disoriented than usual. If you are in your first year, please consider signing up for a virtual PGR mentor to help you find your feet as a PhD student. You can easily sign up through our online mentee form here.

PGRs in their 2nd year and beyond:

If you are a PGR who has completed the first year of their PhD, please consider being a virtual Mentor for our new PGRs who have just started and are trying to find their feet during this strange time. It will really help for them to speak to someone who is doing a PhD and knows what that first year is like.

You can easily sign up to be a PGR Mentor here.

Virtual mentoring is done online. We usually recommend a 1 hour session every month, but the format and frequency of meetings can be set mutually by the PGR mentor and PGR mentee.

We endeavour to begin matching over the next 2 weeks, but Mentoring availability can often depend on the number of applications and specific needs!

We hope to get as many PGRs connected as possible, but if you have any questions about Mentoring, please email