Scholars’ Hub Virtual Reception

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Every Tue and Thu 10:00-11:00am until 31st October 2020

If you have any questions after 31st Oct please contact

Sometimes you don’t want to write an email about an issue you’re facing and would rather ask a member of staff in person, or you might feel that the question you have is too small to bother someone with and it takes too much time to arrange a virtual meeting about it.

In the past you might just pop into the Research Degrees Office to ask something, or go to the Doctoral College offices and have a quick word with one the research development trainers, but now as we are all working and researching remotely there is a barrier to those kind of communications.

To help you stay connected with us you can join the Scholars’ Hub Virtual Reception every Tuesday and Thursday between 10:00-11:00am on Zoom.

There will be a member of the Doctoral College on hand for you to drop in and have a quick chat about anything you need help with. This service is for all PGRs and ECRs.