Help Final Year UGs with their Dissertations!

PhD volunteers are needed to help out with a dissertation workshop on Wednesday 17 February from 2 – 3pm.

The workshop format will be taking a blended approach. The students will have access to a series of online teaching resources which will cover various aspects of writing a dissertation/final year project. They are expected to engage with this material prior to the workshop. This is followed up with a live zoom session on the workshop date shown above, which will be a discussion/Q&A forum.

The plan is to group students by discipline if we can (this will depend on who turns up on the day) and allocate them to a breakout room with a PGR of the same faculty/discipline (or as close as possible). We will use PollEverywhere at the start of the live session to identify issues that the students potentially want to discuss in their breakout rooms. The idea is to have a peer to peer discussion with the PGR facilitating and sharing their expertise to the issues raised by the students in their breakout group. This will last about 20 minutes. Then we will then bring everyone back to the main meeting and ask each group to highlight any key issues, share advice and ask any questions to the whole group for advice that they were not able to receive during their own breakout group discussion for the remainder of the session. We anticipate participants coming from all three faculties and attendance will be around 20 – 25 students based on previous attendance figures.

Ideally we are looking for PGR volunteers, who would be willing to facilitate a peer to peer discussion based on questions/issues that the participants raise and a willingness to share their own experiences and expertise of having written up a dissertation/final year project. We would like representation from all three faculties – FHMS, FEPS and FASS.

We usually struggle to get someone from FEPS and previous workshops are particularly well attended by students from the Business School and Health Sciences, so representatives from these three areas are particularly encouraged!

Please contact Jen Mclay if you want to get involved!