Prof Ravi Silva’s Top Tips for BAME Researchers

My top three tips for any scientists, and in particular BAME would be:

Tip One

Always believe in yourself. Despite the rhetoric and comments around you to the contrary, if you know what you are doing is correct, believe in it. Examine the facts, and if in your view the evidence points to a particular result, run with it. This is how most breakthroughs are made in research. The Friday afternoon experiment that takes over your research life for the next decade is not inconceivable, with revolutionary ideas come more easily to the younger generation.

Tip Two

Research integrity and trust must be paramount. Never compromise on these for any reason. These you will live with for the rest of your life. Sometime the road is tough when those around cannot see as far or as clear as you and therefore find it difficult to follow your line of thoughts.

Tip Three

Never be afraid to say what you believe is the truth. You can be corrected, and there is no harm in that. But, being swayed by a silent majority to silence or someone who is outspoken should not be considered. For BAME researchers you will always be the minority in the room, but speak your mind. You will always have supporters in the room who will back you.

I strongly believe and trust our PGR and ECR community will not only do better than the current generation in research they will also create a more tolerant and fairer society (due to the amazing work being done by training officers such as yourself and EDI committees around academia). Having good academic/industry mentors who have succeeded in life, and can act as a sounding board for ideas and thoughts is always a good route to increase confidence and experience. The rest of society need to follow the example set by the academic community to ensure a more just and peaceful future to the world. Together we can achieve so much more.