Experimenting with Innovation

I recently joined the University after a long career in tech industry. As I work with many of you to build new relationships and engagement with external organisations, one thing I’m really keen to do is to break down silos. Some of the most fascinating and ground-breaking ideas I’ve seen have come from the unlikely combination of thoughts from people with different backgrounds, experiences and specialisms. So, I’m championing the idea of the University implementing an Idea Management Platform. These are relatively simple systems that allow anyone to share an idea, a problem, a solution (looking for a problem) and so forth. Think of it as Facebook for ideas.

To prove the principle, I’ve implemented a pilot system (hand crafted in Teams) and would like people to join in and contribute. The pilot system is a bit clunky but works (at a basic level), so please be forgiving about the somewhat limited functionality that vanilla Teams provides. My hope is that there will be enough interest and enthusiasm to upgrade to a proper IMP within Teams [1], something that should be relatively easy to do. The key to making such spaces work is, 1. There are no hierarchies – anyone can contribute, 2. If you have a view or question, post it, even if it’s not your area of expertise – mixing perspectives is good, 3. The usual social media rule – be civil and constructive, 4. Make it fun!

Follow this link and then the simple instructions.

[1] For those interested, professional idea management platforms that could be used include:

Comments, ideas and feedback welcome – just email or Teams me.

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