Want to make a difference, whatever you do after you finish your thesis? Get INTRApreneurial now with IKEEP!

IKEEP provides training and industry experience through the SETsquared Partnership’s (#1 Global Business Incubator) through the new Intrapreneurial Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Pathway.

There are two stages to the IKEEP programme:

Stage One: intrapreneurial training

  • Consists of free intrapreneurial training that focuses on intrapreneurial skills (i.e. business model development, creative problem solving and team working)
  • Every student who completes the IKEEP training will receive a digital badge (ideal to use on LinkedIn, your CV etc)

Stage Two: Short Project Placements

  • Followed by a short Project Placement with industry partners.
  • Involve a commitment of 70 hours spread flexibly, part time over 4 weeks.
  • IKEEP students will work for regional business or charities as part of an interdisciplinary team of 3 students.
  • Numbers for the Project placements are limited, so you will need to apply for the Project Placement upon completion of the IKEEP training.
  • Those who complete the Project Placements receive a stipend of £450.
  • A second badge will be issued for the students who have completed the IKEEP Project Placements to show case your industry experience.

To apply for the IKEEP programme complete the application form for either the Monday 10th of May 2021 training cohort (Project Placements due to run from the 14th of June through to the 9th of July 2021) or apply for Monday the 14th June 2021 training cohort (Project Placement dates still to be confirmed).