Surrey Neurodiversity Networks

To better support neurodivergent people at Surrey, we’re setting up neurodiversity networks (one for staff and one for students). If you are a PGR who has lived experience of neurodiversity or want to learn more as an ally, feel free to join us by filling out this form or contacting us directly at

We are still in the process of setting everything up and outlining the aims of the network, so if you are neurodivergent and would like to help out with the planning phase, please email us as we’d love your input. 

The overall aims of the network are to:

  • Hold events about neurodiversity to raise awareness and acceptance of neurodivergent conditions and how we can be best supported 
  • Be a contact for people to send any comments/concerns to regarding neurodiversity support and accessibility at the university
  • Host forums to gather feedback from staff and students on how we can be better supported as neurodivergent individuals at the university
  • Provide day-to-day peer support for neurodivergent staff based on our shared experiences
  • Create a sense of belonging, celebrating the joys and successes that neurodiversity can bring 
  • Provide direction to relevant resources for those wishing to know more about how they can support neurodivergent students and colleagues 

Follow us on Twitter @ND_at_Surrey for updates on the networks!