Placement Opportunity: Sustainability Researcher/Analyst

This placement is available through the Locus-UoS Placement Scheme.  Opportunities available through this scheme are only open to University of Surrey postgraduate researchers.  The aim of the scheme is to fund opportunities for postgraduate researchers to create connections between academia and industry.  Further details about the Locus-UoS Project can be found here.

Organisation:                                     100 Ways in 100 Days Limited    

Role:                                                      Sustainability Researcher/Analyst

Business Sector:                               Sustainability / Ed Tech

No of Employees:                             1-10


Company Overview:

The UN says we have less than 10 years in which to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.  The challenge is huge. Governments globally are racing to act BUT actions taken by organisations, teams and individuals are also VITAL – and will provide significant, measurable impact. 

100 Ways in 100 Days™ is a unique and disruptive behaviour changing e-learning programme, delivered via the workplace. It empowers teams and individuals to work, live and think sustainably.  It deploys the theory of marginal gains, with significant impact. Using psychology, neuroscience and positive social interactions this digital innovation comprises thought-provoking, fun bite-sized lessons/games that are proven to instigate changes in habits and workplace culture.   It also demonstrably engages the workforce; vital for recruitment, retention, productivity and profitability post-Covid. 

100 Ways will launch in the UK with a recurring, highly profitable revenue model, then go global. Numerous brand extensions and revenue streams will follow. Pilots (just completed) received five star reviews. A typical testimonial said: “All in all, a great experience. We’d highly recommend it to other businesses looking to engage their employees and drive their sustainability agenda. We couldn’t have asked for more.” 100 Ways is now ready for beta launch.   

Key Duties/tasks:

  • To take various hypotheses that form the basis of different proposed ‘Ways’ (mini lessons), and research/analyse them for evidence and factual correctness, giving sources from highly credible and reliable sources (academia, NGOs, charities, governmental etc.) This will form the bedrock of whether the hypotheses are taken forward, or included in eg: ‘common misconceptions’.  The source material will be included within each module that is taken forward, for those interested in further reading or delving deeper.
  • To support the development of the metrics for measuring and analysing the effectiveness of different modules, levels of engagement with the programme and behavioural change resulting from the programme.
  • To contribute ideas to the most suitable learning style for the presentation of ‘Ways’ eg. Videos, quizzes, infographics.

Knowledge & Skills required:

  • Very good working knowledge of, or keen interest in the sustainability landscape – essential
  • An enquiring mind (plus the ability to think laterally on occasion), and strong initiative – essential.
  • Very good knowledge of Excel (and / appropriate alternatives) – essential
  • Meticulous attention to detail – essential
  • Some experience/interest in psychology / behavioural change – desirable 
  • Good written English (for summarising findings) – desirable

Skills post graduate researcher will have an opportunity to develop:

  • Understanding the creative and marketing applications of the research, and its importance in a commercial environment.
  • Networking opportunities within the sustainability community and the wider business community
  • Team working and collaboration with the Founder of the company

Dates of placement:                        Start date depending on PGR availability

Duration of opportunity:              12 weeks full-time, potentially longer if part-time

Hours per week:                               14 – 35 hours per week depending on PGR availability

Location:                                              Virtual

IT requirements:                              PC or laptop, internet connection

Deadline for applications:           12th November 2021



  • Sending your CV and covering letter, addressed to Sue Skeats, Founder, to  Applications will be forwarded on once the opportunity has closed.
  • If you would like an informal chat about the role and to learn more about the work of the company before submitting your application, email Sue Skeats, Founder
  • If you would like 1:1 support with your CV or preparing for interview, please book an appointment with a Careers Consultant via this link or by emailing

Please ensure you have your supervisor’s agreement for undertaking a placement prior to applying.

Successful candidates will be paid by the University a maximum of £315 per week for full-time (pro-rata for part-time opportunities) to cover living expenses.  Preference will be given to those PGRs who are not in receipt of UKRI funding.