Meet Someone New: Meet A Mate

Starting a postgraduate course should be exciting and challenging, however it can also feel isolating – especially if it is somewhere different to your undergraduate. There are many opportunities on offer to meet and connect with people when you first arrive, however what do you do when you’re several months in and still feeling alone?

There are many different types of University student, and some of them experience barriers to meeting new people – they could be commuting in, or be parents, some will be mature students and others like you, could be studying for a postgraduate qualification. The Students’ Union recognised that these groups could benefit from additional opportunities to meet other, like-minded students, so we devised ‘Meet a Mate’ to allow students to share experiences and combat isolation.

All you have to do to sign up, is fill in a form on the Union website and consent to us using your data to find a match. We will then match you up and send a Teams meeting link to you and another student from across the University. You can request to meet someone in a similar position to you or someone completely different, it’s up to you.

Changes in working and studying practices may have made meeting new people more challenging, however we hope that by allowing people to connect to others in a similar position, we can forge new online communities & networks and reassure students they are not alone.

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