The Doctoral College Mindful Researcher Course

The Doctoral College Mindful Researcher course aims to promote the well-being of postgraduate researchers through tailored mindfulness meditation training.

This 8-week course is based on the gold-standard Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme and has been adapted to the specific needs of postgraduate researchers. The course will be held via Zoom for eight consecutive Tuesdays from 3.30-5.00pm, starting 15 February 2022. It covers topics such as resilience, being present with strong emotions, the inner critic, compassionate communication, creativity, and values-based project management and career planning. Participants will receive a PDF guide to support their practise. Slides and further recorded meditations for home practise are provided in a virtual learning environment. 

The course will be led by Dr Allan Kilner-Johnson (Associate Dean Doctoral College, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). He is an accredited mindfulness teacher registered on the UK Mindfulness Teachers Register and has over 15 years’ experience of traditional and modern meditation practises. 

To register or to ask questions, please contact Allan Kilner-Johnson at