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Welcome to your new Library Research Hub

Guest post by the Faculty Librarian Team The Library Research Hub (SharePoint site) is your window into the services and support available to researchers from Library and Learning Services. You will find key contact details, such as those of your dedicated Faculty Librarian and members of the Open Research Team. We’ve provided information on how to use […]

Conception X

In DC News this week, we posted a piece about Conception X: Cohort VI Discovery Session for prospective PhD students, held on 15 November 2022. Conception X is a programme and platform that helps PhD students become venture scientists and commercialise their research in impactful ways. Via a nine-month programme that includes training, coaching and […]

AcWriMo: Dealing with comments from Peer Reviewers

I like to think of myself as a reasonable person, able to take criticism and comment in a level-headed manner and willing to change and adapt my behaviour and plans in light of targeted advice or critique. There is, however, something uniquely excruciating for me about receiving and reading comments from peer reviewers. I just […]

SABMA Blockchain Training Session 2

All staff and PGRs are invited to: SABMA Blockchain Training Session 2 1-2pm Monday 21st November 2022 at APLAB2, Stag Hill To learn The difference between Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 The fundamentals of blockchain What is Smart Contract Basics of Smart Contract Simple Smart Contract by using Solidity Compiling, testing & deploying Smart Contracts 2 popular […]

ACWriMo: Enjoying Writing as a PGR or ECR

Thinking about the big picture When I began my PhD, I, like many PGRs in my faculty and others, had the same query: why is our three-year PhD thesis supposed to be 80,000 words long? Why not 75,000? Or 90,000? Or 100,000? I haven’t seen a definitive explanation as to why 80,000 words came to […]

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