EDI-Related CPD

We have collated a list of CPD events/workshops/podcasts & more from within and outside of the University. Some events may aimed at those from marginalised communities, provide a foundational or advanced understanding and discussion of a variety of EDI topics, or provide a reflective space. If you do attend any of these events, please get in touch with us and let us know your feedback! We are sharing these resources in good faith but cannot take responsibility for their contents, nor do the contents necessarily represent the views of the PsychD Clinical Psychology training programme or the University of Surrey. Contents may be emotive so please look after yourself and connect with others if necessary.

Antiracist Reflective Space (21/05/22, 10-11:30am): A reflective session for Psychologists to think about antiracism, themselves, and their work environments. Events (antiracistbookclub.co.uk)

This is an opportunity for psychologists to explore systemic and structural work dynamics as well as process clinical and professional issues; to reflect on issues of the interface of the personal and professional including our relationship with antiracism, leadership, power, position and privilege; along with sharing academic understandings, and importantly to receive emotional support when navigating the complexities of working as a psychologist 

Race, Culture & Anti-Discrimination Practice (ongoing course): A course designed for psychological practitioners to embed race, culture, and an anti-oppressive ethos within self & practice.  Certificate: Race, Culture & Anti-Discrimination Practice (tadf.uk)

This course is structured in 6 parts which can be attended live or via on-demand recorded workshops. It is based on racial and cultural development theory, client experiences, research and experiential learning as well as a specific training approach refined over 12 months of delivery.

What We Need To Do Next: Reclaiming Antiracism (09/06/22, 18:30-19:30): Antiracist movements are more mainstream than ever before. Why then is racism still ever-present in our society Reclaiming antiracism Tickets, Thu 9 Jun 2022 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

Chaired by Moya Lothian-McLean, in this event the speakers will answer:

  • Is identity politics useful frame or critique of contemporary antiracist politics?
  • What is the history of antiracist organising in the UK?
  • Do institutions like the Labour party, trade unions and other NGOs hold us back from a truly radical antiracist movement?

The two speakers are Azfar Shafi and Ilyas Nagdee (Co-Authors of Race to the Bottom: Reclaiming Antiracism).

Breaking Binaries Podcast: Deconstructing two seemingly oppositional ideas. Breaking Binaries on Apple Podcasts

Every episode writer, poet and activist Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan is joined by a different guest to discuss and deconstruct two seemingly oppositional ideas (innocence/guilt, radical/moderate, secular/religious etc). In doing this they consider if things are really so simple, or if seemingly commonsensical binaries actually hide, obscure and allow for much more complicated political dynamics.

Episodes include discussions on majority/minority; disability/ability; black/white; and illegal/legal migrants.