Equality and Inclusion in Clinical Psychology

Staff and trainees share their thoughts, projects, resources, and publications on increasing inclusivity and representation within clinical psychology training and practice

Locating resources from under-represented regions and authors for teaching and research on the PsychD clinical programme at the University of Surrey – a service-related project

By Lydia Trimble and Maisie Krisson, Cohort 51 Trainee Clinical Psychologists, and Laura Simonds, Senior Lecturer, PsychD Clinical Programme Background to the project… The PsychD clinical psychology programme commissioned this service-related project as part of its ongoing work towards decolonising the curriculum.  The project was the second phase of an ongoing effort to locate more […]

Leaning into the uncomfortable feeling to make room for change

By Maddy Coe, Research Assistant in the Surrey Clinical Psychology Team What’s the problem? It’s not difficult to see where the idea of the stereotypical ‘white, middle-class female’ psychologist comes from. All you need to do is look at your cohort in an undergraduate psychology lecture theatre to see a fairly homogenous bunch staring back […]

Institutional GRACE-ism[1] and The Community Psychology Unit Reading list

By Warren Matofsky, Senior Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist [1] GRACE-ism refers to reproduction of oppressive discourse relating to Gender, Race, Ability, Class, Ethnicity & Sexuality. What’s in a reading list and its production?   Yet with Community Psychology, compiling a list that is informed by our collective commitment to decolonising the curriculum, seems to set an […]

The Social Justice and Inequalities Research Group

Hannah Frith, Lead of the Social Justice and Inequalities (SJI) Research Group, describes the work of the group What is the SJI group about? Inequalities in mental health are stark. Understanding that inequalities in mental distress and wellbeing are not random, but are shaped by social and historical conditions, leads inevitably to a concern with […]

Afro-Asian Critical Psychology Conference

This inaugural conference, supported by the BPS, emphasised scholarship from the Global South for the Global South. This was a broad and stimulating programme of talks and, as such, it is only possible to report on a small part of this rich and thought-provoking work. I refer those interested to the conference YouTube here: Afro-Asian […]

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