Equality and Inclusion in Clinical Psychology

Staff and trainees share their thoughts, projects, resources, and publications on increasing inclusivity and representation within clinical psychology training and practice

Perspectives on Decolonising – Nicole Samuel

Nicole Samuel, a current PsychD trainee, shares her perspective on decolonising “For me, as a current PsychD trainee, ‘decolonising’ throws up many questions: When will we move beyond the implicit assumption that psychology, as we know it, is universal, rather than culturally bound in its Eurocentricity? Of the accepted evidence-base, theories and practices in our […]

Race and Racism CPD

Race and Health Observatory Conference (7th – 8th July): International race and health experts will share the effects and impacts of racism on health and healthcare as well as practical, evidence-based approaches on reducing ethnic inequalities in health. Health, Race and Racism International Conference This is a 2-day conference which will feature keynote speeches, panel […]

Talks to Schools – Ryan Woolhouse

Yearly statistics from the Leeds Clearing House continue to evidence that individuals applying and being accepted onto Clinical Psychology Training courses are not fully representative of the UK population. With the majority of those applying and accepted being from privileged groups. Due to this chronic underrepresentation, we have formed a Talking to Schools Project Team […]

EDI-Related CPD

We have collated a list of CPD events/workshops/podcasts & more from within and outside of the University. Some events may aimed at those from marginalised communities, provide a foundational or advanced understanding and discussion of a variety of EDI topics, or provide a reflective space. If you do attend any of these events, please get […]

Reframing reflection

I attended an incredibly informative workshop on using supervision and reflection which was part of the ASPIRE Assistant Psychologist programme. There were six of us who attended and a Specialist Clinical Psychologist who facilitated the session. We spoke about many different topics across the time we had but some of the main topics we spoke […]