Surrey trainees come to us with many different working backgrounds!

One of our 3rd year trainees, Hollie Butcher, and our two EDI Research Assistants Rachel Francois-Walcott and Feride Masera, collected some information about pathways into clinical psychology training. Here are the findings.

At Surrey, we celebrate the whole breadth of professional experiences that help to develop how you approach your work and the skills that you bring. In our cohorts, we have trainees who have previously worked in a wide variety of roles some of which are pictured below:

We are interested in how your experiences have given you the opportunity to think psychologically, and how you have become equipped to work in busy, demanding, resource constrained environments. Our trainees were offered a place because they recognised the strengths of their experience and were able to identify the specific transferable skills to clinical psychology. There are many of them, here are some:

Remember too that support and help in applying can come from many sources, including: