Refreshers Week

Hi everyone, it’s me Diana.

How was Chinese New Year? Hopefully you didn’t overindulge in the food too much. However, I can totally understand because I miss the food so much!

Last week was refreshers week, for some of you who might have no idea of what it is, it is basically an introduction week for first year university students; but refreshers is for all students, so not just for first year students. It is a chance for students to meet new people through the events happening during the week and join societies or sport teams that they didn’t join at the beginning of the year. It was Refresher’ Fayre last Friday, and I got the chance to go to have a walk around and see if there is anything interesting. Sports societies, International societies and many more were promoting at the Refreshers’ Fayre which took place at Rubix. I have got to say it was very exciting, members of the societies were very enthusiastic and keen to get more students to join their societies. The ABACUS Society and the Hong Kong PASS Society were also there, the ABACUS ( Association of British and Chinese University Students), the aim of the society is to introduce the British culture to the Chinese and vice-versa. Since then ABACUS has been expanded to other universities across the UK; the Hong Kong PASS which stands for Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services, the aim of the society is to raise awareness about the public affairs of Hong Kong, China and the world, also to reassure the identity of being a Hongkonger and Hong Kongese.​ So if you are interested in knowing more about British culture and share about our Chinese culture to British people, or if you are aware of the public and political affairs in Hong Kong, then these two societies are for you!

You can go on to their Facebook page if you want to find out more:



As for myself, I wanted to join a sports society to help myself with keeping in shape and relief all the stress from work. I came across with Yoga Society and Boxing Society. I don’t have any boxing experience before but I think it will be a good work out and stress relief. So yesterday evening, I went to my very first Boxing session at the Surrey Sports Park with my friends. It was really enjoyable although it was quite intense. It was not easy but it is always good to challenge myself. The trainer and the current members were all really friendly and nice, and I have already made a few new friends there. After the session from last night, I have to say my body really hurts today, but not in a bad way or I am injured, it is more of a good pain and you feel like you have really worked your muscles. I feel so much better and not as stressed after the session, I guess I sweated it all out haha 😀 I am also very excited about Yoga, which I think I will start going next week. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture last night but I will make sure to take some next time I go.

That’s it for now, I will see you guys soon!

Diana xx