Everything you need to know about me

👋🏻Hey there, welcome to my first blog, my name is Helena! I’m currently a second year student pursuing an undergraduate degree in BSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management.  Here are some pictures of me. 😊Fun Facts About Me  👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family 🛼Hobbies ✈️Places I’ve been to I have a brother, who is two years younger than me […]

Triumph in the City of Lights (Young Talent Awards)

It’s been a while since the last academic-related blog post, but it’s time! About a month ago, some of our final year BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management students attended the season 2 Young Talent Awards Prize Presentation Ceremony in Paris. The awards were established with the aim of infusing creativity and energy into the Hospitality […]

Where fairy tale comes to life

Yeah it’s Prague we are talking about. The very city where scenes in のだめカンタービレ(交響情人夢)were filmed. From Vienna, all the way to Prague by train. Get your ticket on RegioJet Dinner at Pork’s, pork knuckle is something not to miss (as a tourist okay) Liquor, something waiters in Prague will offer you when you get your […]

Revisiting @ Budapest in White

It’s the time of the year – other than Christmas and New Year, this is also the time where we welcome our new ambassador Helena! As new semester starts, it’s time to look back at our Winter break. Budapest, one of the European pearls that we been to last year. As reputation suggests, Budapest is […]

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