Flu or exam season?

Hey y’all!    Exam season is just around the corner, which means we will be spending endless nights in the library cramming and chugging cups of coffee..! Yet, we are often unaware that we are most vulnerable at this time of the year, sleepless nights mean we are giving viruses a chance to creep into […]

Exam’s month

Hello everyone, New year not only means we can start a new page, it also alert us that exams are approaching. In this academic year, Surrey’s student may have realized that the university has launched a lot extra to support our study journeys(Not? check your mailbox and keyword-search ‘studentnews’). I am not sure what have other […]

New Year’s Resolutions!

Woah! Now that we’re all settling into the year of 2018, have you written down your new years resolutions yet? I’m proud to say I’m finally not slacking off my list this year; doing more for the ‘greater good’ has always been my motivation and motto, yes its cliche but it really gets me going. […]

We are all foodies

Hello everyone, Three days left before an official end to 2017. What comes first to your mind? For me, and perhaps many of the final year student, it is probably the last Christmas in our university journey. So, as not to leave myself regret for life, I have chosen to escape a little while from […]

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