get a ‘Taste Of London’!

Hey Y’all! Last week in London, there was a ‘taste of London’ event! Meaning all the top restaurants and chefs will be gathered in London to give you samples! We all went as part of Nutrition society, gathered all the members and went on a little food fest together! Who doesn’t love a good foodie trip! […]

Torchlight Procession!

Guess what! Guildford is back at it with the torchlight procession and fireworks fiesta! This year, we are blessed with wonderful weather so everything went as planned! There have been fire walks and everyone in Guildford Town centre held up torches to commemorate the event! They also had a Shooting Star Chase Fire Walk marquee […]

Did someone say bubble tea and chill?!

Hey Guys! Last week I went to one of Abacus’ all-time bubble tea and movie nights! It’s always been Abacus’ ritual to do one around this time of year to make sure we’re not too hung up on mid terms and actually get some chill time with some friends! We had the option to select whichever old […]

Quiz Nights!

Hey y’all! This week, some of my mentor friends invited me to their quiz night! There are around 6 mentor teams on Stag Hill campus, Hazel Farm and Manor Park, a total of 56 mentors! Mentors are divided into groups of 6 and they would take turns organising events for their mentees! I stopped by […]

Voice Campaign week!

Hey guys! This week the students’ union really put their effort into voicing out students’ feedback! It’s voice campaign week! They set up stalls outside Simply Fresh all week to gather student feedback on course reps, activity zones, societies and clubs, pretty much everything that has to do with improving the welfare of students! Every […]

AMPsoc guest speaker talks!

Hey! Lately, AMPsoc (Advertising, marketing and PR society) held their first ever guest speaker event! We were honored to have Mr.David -Dohyung Kim from Huawei with us last Thursday evening he shared his story and a few of his advice to how to achieve and make the most of our abilities! Check out our LinkedIn profile! […]

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