Future plan -masters? work?

Howdy! What are you guys working on right now, assignments, exam preparation? Can’t believe it or not, I still have 4 assignments left to end my final year, and graduate in July. After graduation, we all enter the adulthood stage to start making more decision towards our future path. Some of my friends are trying […]

My first semester of the third year in a nutshell…

Hey everyone! Belated Happy New Year and congrats on finishing your first semester! 🎉 There is no doubt that there are lots of changes or even challenges due to nowadays’ unfavourable circumstances. We all definitely deserve a shoulder tap for the efforts you put in adopting this new ‘normal’. Thanks to the university’s hybrid learning […]

Get ready for uni-mental preparation

Welcome to Surrey! Are you guys enjoying the Freshers’ week? To the newbies especially those international students, you are gonna flip a new page to become a university student. You actually made a big step to study abroad alone! In fact, it is a lesson to be more independent and mature on your own. It’s […]

It’s time to be creative!

Hey guys! If you’re wondering what you can do during times like these, it’s always a good thing to explore your creativity and see what your interests and hobbies are! One of my friends, Ade, started a new brand, and with extra time on her hands, she is able to build a website and an […]

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