Nous allons á Paris!

Bonjour mon amis! I’m so relieved exams are finally over!! Luckily for me, I had two weeks of freedom before starting second semester because my exams were all finished within the first week! The last week of January is reading week for everyone! Yes, this calls for celebration! Which is why my friends and I […]

Christmas in the UK!

Hey lovelies! This is a little overdue but let’s bring it back to 2018 for a bit! This Christmas is the very first time I’m away from family! Sad but true, especially on such a festive day, it definitely bugged me, though I was very lucky because my church held something called Christmas Together- it’s […]

Running 10K?!

Hey lovelies! Although we’ve started our Christmas holidays, the Students’ Union has been busy partnering with Kelly’s Storage to raise money for charities in February! Societies are invited to tag along to raise awareness for local charities like Oakleaf & Shooting Star Chase! I’m proud to say as a committee member of the business society […]

One World Week!

One World Week at Surrey means celebrating cultures around the world! On the weekends, we had food stalls at rubix set up by societies and iGala, where cultural societies take part to showcase traditional dances! It was really interesting to watch how students interpret the traditional and modern versions of these cultural dances. Many thanks […]

get a ‘Taste Of London’!

Hey Y’all! Last week in London, there was a ‘taste of London’ event! Meaning all the top restaurants and chefs will be gathered in London to give you samples! We all went as part of Nutrition society, gathered all the members and went on a little food fest together! Who doesn’t love a good foodie trip! […]

Torchlight Procession!

Guess what! Guildford is back at it with the torchlight procession and fireworks fiesta! This year, we are blessed with wonderful weather so everything went as planned! There have been fire walks and everyone in Guildford Town centre held up torches to commemorate the event! They also had a Shooting Star Chase Fire Walk marquee […]

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