Exploring UK: Bath and Bristol

Continuing to explore places in the UK this year xd. Today, I am going to share my visit to Bath and Bristol. Both places are just a 2hr train away from Guildford. In my opinion, it is always a nice idea to have day trips to places around Guildford during weekends! Roman Baths You can […]

Exploring Asian supermarkets

In my previous blog, I have introduced some of the popular supermarket chains in the country. But what if you are searching for seasoning/product that is not available in the local supermarkets? You might want to have a look at the following shops! Chinese taste It is the best place to get Asian groceries in […]

Exploring local supermarkets

Happy October! Hope everyone has been settling well. You could never miss out the groceries part in your uni life especially when you are living by yourselves. So, in this blog, I am going to introduce some of the popular supermarket chains in the UK. Waitrose (£££) Waitrose & Partners’ is one of the local […]

Useful apps

Following my previous blog on money management. In this blog, I am going to share some apps that help saves your money xd   Transport Trainline – This is the most convenient platform when you are booking train tickets across UK. You could also check live train times and railway station information through this platform. […]

Managing your money

Looking back to my first visit to the UK, when everyone just uses their cards or contactless for payment. And me, taking out cash, counting every penny and pound to pay. You could really tell the importance of opening a local bank account xd This allows you to consume, pay your fees, and all installment […]

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