Revisiting @ Budapest in White

It’s the time of the year – other than Christmas and New Year, this is also the time where we welcome our new ambassador Helena! As new semester starts, it’s time to look back at our Winter break.

Budapest, one of the European pearls that we been to last year. As reputation suggests, Budapest is a dream destination for night view lover. Having said that, how could I miss any chance revisiting the city?

First stop, somewhere we can’t miss – Fisherman’s Bastion, one of my favorite spots for picture with the view overlooking the Parliament Building.

Before we leave for food, spend yourself some quality time up there, we all deserve peace.

Our dear snowman enjoying his 30%-off discount on life

It’s getting atmospheric there

Ok I might have chosen the wrong result when I searched for The Hive

Speaking of revisit, not going to miss this one favorite restaurant. TOP NOTCH this is

Dessert marks the start of the night so yes

Spotted something familiar?

What’s better than going thermal bath after dinner?

and take a stroll home, perfect life it is.

Not missing any picture spot for certain.

To end the night with, welcome our special guest.

Well, this apparently isn’t something to debate on but, have we also talked about how breathtaking Budapest was in white?

Liberty Bridge in White, freezing it was but ngl, worth the cold.

So, we should all see things at a different angle sometimes. Viewfinder I am talking about, a window into another world.

What about walk around the city for an entire day?

Ok Merry Christmas, it’s better late than never

wasn’t as fancy as the last time we visited Budapest, but this was only the start. See you again in Vienna