Back to the picturesque one

About a year ago, Vienna caught my eye and I just couldn’t help falling in love with its history and beauty (ok was mostly because of their museums but that’s for another blog). Hard not to pay it another visit when I am nearby, no?

Rathausplatz, MUST-GO during Christmas – world’s largest Christmas Market and icon of Austria.

over 100 booths, with all these atmospheric lightings, definitely something not miss.

Exotic food and drinks for sure, which includes arancini and punsch

You may also discover some interesting handcraft – upcycling souvenirs

Ok here’s another one but it’s chocolate in case you wonder, they just look real

some cute mugs? bowls? Ok I don’t know anymore

and for sure, spot for pictures

Atmospheric lightings, ofcuz, it’s Christmas

Couldn’t get enough? Let’s pay Schonbrunn Palace a visit

There’s also another Xmas market!

not far away from the Palace, Palm House garden is home to many Mediterranean, tropical and subtropical plants. In fact, it is also a quality restaurant so check it out if you are interest!

Musical is surely something you shouldn’t miss when you are in Vienna

This time, it’s Rebecca @ Raimund Theater

Morning show @ Spanish Riding School (however, trainings and shows are not regular so don’t forget to check available time slot if you are planning to go!)

Gaming Museum, where the history of gaming’s exhibited

In there, you will see lots of different things about gaming history and its development. Free stickers and interactive installments can also be found, but I will leave it at here and not spoil the fun

Had to say, not always a fan of aquarium since I am a diver but Haus des Meers offers something different!

Not only marine species but also variety of animals, and that’s just tip of the iceberg.

Now here’s a hidden gem – Palais Daun-Kinsky, good spot for pictures

ok and I stumbled into a fight

if anyone knows what they are up to, don’t let me know


If you have watched Before Sunrise, you might remember this cafe –

where Jesse fake-called the love of his life.

Ringing any bells?

let’s get Cordon Bleu since we are here, generous portion, spacious area.

Apart from Cafe Sperl, zum Schwarzen Kameel is another one I would recommend amongst all others. Pricey indeed, but their quality is guaranteed.

Yes, Vienna is a touristy one but like I always say, that’s just a part of the place. There are so many more that you can do, so if you have time, find yourself maybe a hiking routes, do a roadtrip whatever and explore it the local way!

See you all in the next blog to Prague!