Where fairy tale comes to life

Yeah it’s Prague we are talking about. The very city where scenes in のだめカンタービレ(交響情人夢)were filmed.

As time goes, it changed a bit but worth a visit, still.

From Vienna, all the way to Prague by train. Get your ticket on RegioJet

slightly different from Vienna and Budapest, you can get your tickets on the trams and buses

Dinner at Pork’s, pork knuckle is something not to miss (as a tourist okay)

Liquor, something waiters in Prague will offer you when you get your check.

even the garbage truck is fully equipped during xmas
more of these and the world would become more peaceful

Not much for the first evening but the best is yet to come, so be patient and keep scrolling is what you should do!

AirBnbs in Prague are relatively affordable, and sometimes surprising so do check them out!

When you are in Prague, try starting your day with some Bohemian breakfast, cuz why not?

A walk afterwards would surely make your day. Overlooking the St. Vitus Cathedral by the river

Cruising is something MUST do in Prague!
so we should

Touristic things, always. Get yourself a Cool Pass and enter number of attractions for free, you may also use the map for more information on each attraction! Apart from the free ones, you will also be able to see the discounts for other attractions, to advance your trip planning!

Both E-pass and physical card are available (*either mail delivery or exchange in designated locations)

and don’t forget to redeem your tickets with PragueCard/ Cool Pass, it’s free!

Entry point is right next to the museum so you couldn’t miss it, there will also be complimentary snack and a drink for you to enrich your journey <3

You may also found miniatures in the museum, telling the history of Prague!
They are either close friends or it just spying, or you can’t convince me otherwise

Before the next stop, let’s grab some FOOD first.

Instagrammable brunch: Pumpkin Soup, Pancake with a cup of Matcha Latte

Lentil Beluga, Carrot and coconut milk. INSANELY RICH texture yet smooth
Their signature pancake – a.k.a the reason people queue

Time for another MUST-GO must be the National Museum, see why –

Wonderful spot for photographers.

Okay Harvey Specter, put your suits back on

Gabriel Macht was found outside the museum, not too sure why he didn’t respond tho

Retro museum

Zizkov Television Tower

Museum of Fine Art

The Spanish Synagogue

Seeking for peace? Go take a walk along a river or go cruising my friend.

Do both if you want double happiness, it’s as simple as that!
I wish I can be on B612 one day, so I could enjoy 44 times of sunset a day
no rose, only Pina Colada
The roof is the one on top of the dancing house, free entry for those who purchased a drink at the rooftop bar or €10 entry
pair your dinner with a classical concert <3

Don’t forget to visit their Xmas market!

Hope everyone enjoyed their winter break and once again welcome back to semester 2!

See you all in the next blog post back to Paris!