Triumph in the City of Lights (Young Talent Awards)

It’s been a while since the last academic-related blog post, but it’s time!

About a month ago, some of our final year BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management students attended the season 2 Young Talent Awards Prize Presentation Ceremony in Paris. The awards were established with the aim of infusing creativity and energy into the Hospitality Industry. This year, six challenges were created by five different Hospitality companies. Through these, two of our School of Hospitality and Tourism Management teams made it to the final. More details will be given below!

In this blog post, let’s have a look at what we did on the day and some other highlights in Paris!

The Young Talent Awards create opportunities for students who are passionate and committed to the Hospitality Industry to put forward innovative ideas, applying their knowledge from daily studies to impact the industry.

This year, Young Talent Awards takes place in Paris
and here we are!

As a team, our students picked a challenge, put forward their ideas and demonstrated their ability to transform the Hospitality Industry. This year, five hospitality companies set challenges including Accor, Hilton, IHG, MKG and Radisson Hotel Group.

From these our two student teams have chosen the two challenges raised by Hilton and MKG, to tackle the barriers and bias for female talents for advancing particularly within F&B sector, and improving the existing KPIs for creating value for the community and various other stakeholders, respectively.

With our innovations, two teams have put forward a female-oriented two-year leader exchange and training program, as well as a pioneering sustainable KPI – Carbon Emissions per room sold. Panels were impressed and delightfully welcomed our teams into the final where they later joined the ceremony which took place in Paris and returned with honor!

none of this would’ve happened without Surrey’s support <3

On the day, the Hospitality Asset Forum and Hospitality Award were also delivered. Insights for property investment, post-COVID trends development and optimizing sustainability across their property profile were shared by industry experts. Meanwhile, awards were also presented to the practitioners who delivered outstanding work this year.

another popular topic within the hospitality field
great number of industry experts were there to share their insights
another highlight of the event!

Apart from the award and ceremony, our students have also made a few friends and had fun there! Let’s have a look at some of the pictures they have taken in Paris!

Cocktail reception – lunch break
craving satisfied <3 – not only there is another cocktail reception, but also some magic shows and live events
Participants are from all parts of the world, which means, this is a wonderful networking opportunity!
Since we are in Paris.. let’s stop by the Eiffel Tower <3

For more information on the Young Talent Awards 2024 awards including the challenges, timeline and prizes that are up for grabs please visit their website.

Want to be the next one going to Paris? It’s time! For those of you who are interested, leave a comment and let’s see how far we can go this time.