Voice Campaign week!

Hey guys! This week the students’ union really put their effort into voicing out students’ feedback! It’s voice campaign week! They set up stalls outside Simply Fresh all week to gather student feedback on course reps, activity zones, societies and clubs, pretty much everything that has to do with improving the welfare of students! Every […]

AMPsoc guest speaker talks!

Hey! Lately, AMPsoc (Advertising, marketing and PR society) held their first ever guest speaker event! We were honored to have Mr.David -Dohyung Kim from Huawei with us last Thursday evening he shared his story and a few of his advice to how to achieve and make the most of our abilities! Check out our LinkedIn profile! […]


HEY GUYS! HERE COMES MY SECOND YEAR! Honestly, one of the things I wish I did at the beginning of my first year was dedicate a bit of my time to one society, going to their events, making new friends and becoming part of a new family. Yes, I’ve been part of a few society, […]

Cooking on your own?

Hey guys! I’m coming into my second year, so that means a ton of workload and irregular meals, I came back to the UK two weeks before freshers’ week and yet, I still can’t manage to fit in a little grocery shopping. Luckily I saw this coming, so I tried out a meal delivery service: […]

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