Your Guide to International Hospitality Management BSc (Hons)

It’s the time of the year – Offer holder days! In fact, people often ask, why did you choose to study at Surrey?

There are actually quite a few reason. First off, Surrey is consistently ranked highly in national and global rankings, particularly strong in subjects like Hospitality, Tourism, Transport, Travel, Event Management. Following its quality graduate employability, you basically won’t have to worry about receiving insufficient information or support over your employment. As well as the wide range of degrees and facilities available.

Let’s not forget about the exception student experience! As your fellow adventurer on this academic journey, let me tell you all may expect!

First thing first, what to expect?

Surrey places great importance on providing an exceptional student experience both inside and outside the classroom. Surrey also prides itself on creating a supportive and inclusive community that fosters personal growth, cultural diversity, and academic achievement.

For our program, International Hospitality Management (IHM), it is a delicious blend of theory and practice. You’ll delve into the business side of things, learning about revenue management, marketing strategies, and the ever-evolving landscape of culinary business.

But it’s not all spreadsheets and balance sheets! We’ll also explore the art of creating exceptional guest experiences, understanding diverse cultures, and navigating the intricacies of international business etiquette.

Attention ALL chocolate lovers
Different types of cheese!
@Pennyhill Park Hotel
some refreshments to start it off <3
this will be done in a module where students will be given access to a hotel simulator, decisions will need to be made each week. Result of that quarter will then be released the next week for ongoing simulation, and further strategies implementation.
One of the decisions that we have to make, is to determine how much cost should be placed on marketing to attract certain customer segment

Apart from all these digits, we also get to learn about rooms division and how to map, and design a quality customer journey.

In our final year, we will also be getting more opportunities to do interesting things like writing food blogs, establishing mentorship, writing business plans. But of course, you can still choose to do your dissertation.

Apart from these, we for sure don’t just stay in the classroom.

We learnt how to organize a charity online event, from the scratch!
Sometimes you also get to be a part of other programs’ project, such as hosting a game night
Like going to Paris for a competition?



所以記得報之前要好好睇清楚自己係可以或者係應該報邊一個呀!同時都要記得準備好時間報UCAS,考IELTs,UCAS收到通知之後就可以上Surrey Self-Service keep track自己申請嘅進度㗎喇!對申請過程有疑問嘅,可以睇下呢度幫唔幫到你

除此之外,其實某啲大專同學仔都可以報名㗎,例如係VTC。係某啲情況下,甚至可以有 second-year entry offer 㗎!同時,如果有興趣想了解多啲呢間學校甚至想親身蒞臨參觀嘅話,可以參考下呢度又或者email 安排時間

如果喺申請過程入面需要幫手,撳呢度就可以同Admission Team聯絡,如果想了解多啲呢個課程,可以撳呢度

Once again, feel free to drop a message below if you have any question, we are here to help! Wish y’all all the best!