Returning to the City of Lights – Young Talent Awards Season 3

Following our success in a previous season of Young Talent Awards, our students have once again made it to the final in this round of the awards! This time, two of our student projects were selected as finalists – yet, different from last time, our projects were in collaboration with students from another university in Poland. Last month on the 29th May 2024, our student attended the ceremony being held at InterContinental Paris Le Grand.

With an aim of infusing creativity and youthful energy into the Hospitality Industry, the Young Talent Awards is a great platform for students from all around the globe. In these Awards, three challenges were raised by, IHG Hotel Group and Grape Hospitality – The People Hotel. And this time, two of our projects for and Grape Hospitality were chosen!

Wonder how it went? Buckle up and let me take you through this journey in today’s blog!

With an aim of infusing creativity and youths’ energy into the Hospitality Industry, the Young Talent Awards emerges a great platform for students and youths from all around the globe.  In this episode of Young Talent Awards, three challenges were raised, namely by, IHG Hotel Group and Grape Hospitality – The People Hotel.  And this time, two of our projects for and Grape Hospitality were chosen!

Grape Hospitality – “How can you innovate The People Ho(s)tel hybrid model from check-in to departure?”

Another challenge raised by The Grape Hospitality Group, the owner and operator of over 110 hotels in 8 different European countries representing over 10,000 rooms operated under a franchise contract.  With the opening of The People Ho(s)tel two years ago, Grape Hospitality offers a unique touch of experience combining the comfort of a hotel and the friendliness of a hostel.  In which, 3 types of accommodation are provided for different types of travellers.  For instance, their double rooms, family rooms and multiple bed dormitories with generous food offered at their bars and restaurants providing meal experience that focuses on local and organic products in various forms.  Co-living spaces were also provided on each site for relaxation and collaboration.

See where we are!

Driven by meetings and quality short breaks, flashpackers were found to have frequented youth hostels since time immemorial.  In addition to backpackers who have traditionally stayed in hostels, flashpackers and families have also shown their great interest in choosing accommodations with convenient location at the best price and vibrant atmosphere.

The hybridity and vibrancy of The People Ho(s)tel’s offers are evidently based above all on their accommodation offering and the multi-functionality of their co-living spaces.  To reinforce the hybrid brand promise, our team has developed a centralized application which offers the function of providing personalized package that includes different offers with a dynamic price, aiming to differentiate the experience for the three major segments whilst maintaining the business model of The People Ho(s)tel.

All finalists of Grape’s challenge, had a wonderful dinner together at the People’s Hostel’s Bar! – “How together with the hoteliers can improve the “Sustainable Travel Business?”

Corresponding to’s vision of making things easier for everyone to experience the world, a fresh sustainable loyalty program (a.k.a AI concierge) called Greenius was developed.  With Greenius, customers can now organize their trips with taps.  Meanwhile, by providing incentives, we hope to encourage customers to start making more sustainable and conscious purchases with, where the project also aims to have the customer understand what actual impacts and difference they can make to save the planet by making these purchases.

Perks of joining YTA is that we get to meet the decision makers!

Hospitality Operator Forum

Apart from the prize presentation ceremony, the Hospitality Operator Forum was held on the same day.  On the forum, great variety of insights were delivered by different industry individuals.

  • In which, Adrien Lanotte, a senior analyst of MKG Consulting has discussed the strong factors that could influence the offer of hospitality in Europe market, and what are the elements there for us to build a differentiated yet relevant and sustainable offer?  Meanwhile, the necessity of reviewing our magnitude of KPIs were also indicated.
  • Apart from Adrien, Gilles Moyse, Maxime Blondeau have shared their thoughts on the use of Artificial Intelligence and how can we best utilize this powerful tool that is evolving so rapidly, CSR, an evident yet often complex topic to understand in future development.  Lastly, Michael Levie also shared his thoughts on the art of saying no.
Networking session following after!

Visitation at Kimpton St Honoré Paris

After the main event, not only that we got to network with the industry experts, some of us also had the chance to visit the Kimpton St Honoré Paris Hotel.  The brand manager has shared with us the history and background of the hotel, as well as the belief that makes them unique.  With its prime location, blend of the Parisian aesthetic, unparalleled 360-rooftop view of the city and high standard of service, the Kimpton St Honoré emerges a perfect option for travellers who are seeking for a memorable stay in the heart of Paris!

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