My Easter Holiday (Part 1)

Hi guys, it’s me Diana! I hope you all have had a good Easter break and feel more recharged.

It has been a while since my last post, but I had a quite busy Easter holiday, and did not really get the chance to write. Anyways, I am back now with all my stories to tell and photos for you to see!

I was given 4 weeks for my Easter holiday; for the first 2 weeks I stayed in Manor Park by myself and did a bit of revision and catching up on my readings, so nothing too exciting here. Here’s the exciting bit: an old friend of mine who is from Austria and my mum came visit during the last 2 weeks of my holiday. So in this blog post and the next couple of posts, I will be writing about what I did and where I went (Hint: there’s a bit of traveling involved!). By the way, looking at other ambassadors’ blogs, they all seem to be doing a bit of travelling on their Easter holiday. So feel free to visit their blogs and see where they have travelled!

My friend, Carina, who I met at school during GCSE came to visit me in London for a week. I was so excited to see her again because the last time we saw each other was in fact 2 years ago when she and her dad invited me to go on a ski trip with them in Austria.


(It was my first time skiing and I absolutely loved it! I really enjoy the sport, and cannot wait to go skiing again in the future!)

Carina and I became close friends when we were studying our GCSE at Casterton School back in 2013. A few months ago, we were talking about meeting up again; either I go to visit her at her university in Germany or she can come visit me in London. We decided that it would be nice if she comes to London, since it has been a few years she last visited the city.

It was really good catching up, we talked a lot about how our lives are right now and how we changed and had grown up a lot compare to 3 years ago. We went to explore a lot of markets in London together and visited a few famous sights in London.

On the first day of our time together we went to see Tower Bridge and Borough Market. We walked a lot the river side and went up to Tower Bridge to take pictures of the view. The weather was really good that day so the pictures came out really nice. Afterwards, we went to Borough Market to get some food for lunch, which is about a 10 minute walk from Tower Bridge. Because Carina is vegan, we discovered this amazing Indian vegan food stand and we really enjoyed the meal. We also bought some fruits and bread from the local bakery and farms.


IMG_3223 IMG_3221

We also visited the Old Spitalfields Market and walked around Bricklane in the afternoon.


Photo taken in Old Spitalfield Market.

IMG_3239 IMG_3234

There are many cool shops and nice restaurants in Bricklane, it is also famous for the street art and graffiti.

The next morning, she got up early and made me breakfast <3


We went to explore a few tea shops and coffee places in London because of my love for coffee and her passion for tea.

We went to a tea shop in Covent Garden, the shop sells all kinds of tea from different parts of the world as well as tea pots and other accessaries. It is called the Tea House, I would recommend you to just go in and have a look even though if you are not a fan of tea.


We then went to have an afternoon tea in this lovely cafe called the Wild Food Cafe, the food was absolutely delicious and the environment was very calm and chill.


I ordered a coffee and this yummy vegan chocolate cake. 🙂 We stayed at the cafe for awhile to chat a bit and met a girl doing Acting and we talked about our courses and plans for the future as well. It was a very nice afternoon.

Carina wanted to go visit the Westminster Abbie so we went there for a tour.The church was absolutely stunning and breath-taking. The building is very historical and there are a lot of history to learn about the cathedral and the British Royal Family History. The entry fee is £20 but £17 for student, it comes with a free audio guide which will guide you through the place and explain the history behind it. In my opinion, it surely is worth it to pay and go in and see the magnificent work and the structure of the cathedral. We spent more nearly 2 hours there and were both amazed by the place.


This is the 1st part of my trip and I hope you like my post.

Stay tuned, because there is more to come.

See you soon! Diana x