Relaxing Events These Days Since Exams Are Coming Up!!

Hello, everyone!

The weather here has getting warmer and warmer now and it has over 20 degrees these days! Everyone just simply wants to stay outdoor and enjoy the sunshine. Our Students’ Union was so kind to hold two outdoor events last Friday and Saturday night. They were the “Free Fest Outdoor Cinema” and “Free Fest Music and Arts” respectively.

For the cinema night, the Students’ Union allowed us to vote for the movie we like. Almost 2000 thousands students had participated in the voting and the most voted film is the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Food and beverages are provided for students to purchase and enjoy with the movie beside the lake. It was a nice evening for students to relax.

The next day evening was fantastic as well. Local bands, performers and DJs were invited to perform for us. Of course, food and drinks are provided as well, while a number of interactive fun were there as well, for example, bouncy castle, face painting and craft stalls. Both events are open to public, students and staff. Indeed, they were great events which allowed us to have fun and release stress before our exams. Personally, I really hope that more similar events would be coming up!

I have not been only preparing exams of my programme courses during late May and June, but also other exams such as my German final test. A good news for stage 4 students is that We are allowed to bring a dictionary with us during our reading and writing exam. I had been preparing them for a period of time already and I am glad that I had finished it last Wednesday. Another non-academic exam is that the Taekwondo grading is in June as well. All members who wish to grade would need to fulfill the requirements according to the belt levels they want to attain. I hadn’t done training continuously during my Easter break, so now I would need to put more effort on it if I wish to be successfully graded. The coming month would be challenging for me since I still have to finish my group assignments and presentations, as well as preparing for my both academic and non-academic exams. I wish I would be able to manage my time well.

See you next week:)