Exams and My Revenue Management Class


The first year of my life in Surrey is coming to an end. Last Friday, we are all done with our classes for this semester, which means that we can no longer meet our colleagues who are studying one-year master in Uni anymore, unless we decided to hang out! I knew that time really flies, but I just never thought that it would go such quickly. It was indeed a pleasure to meet my colleagues this year and I am so happy that I have a couple of close friends here. Those time spent with them was really a precious gift to me. You might be aware that our exams are coming up now. After finishing the exams in June, they should be focusing solely on their dissertation and they would be graduating soon. I can’t believe it and I would just like to wish them every success in their future!

Although our classes are all finished, some of us still have assignments to hand in. I have just submitted a group report for my Revenue Management class. The method of learning regarding this class was interesting. We were grouped into teams and formed our own “hotel” to participate in the RevSim simulation where we can make revenue management decisions over an eight-week period, while weekly feedback on this activity would be received. The report we handed in was an evaluation of our hotel’s revenue management strategy and performance. This activity was nice that it gave us a chance to have a simulation by applying on the knowledge we learnt in class onto the simulated environment. The teachers were so knowledgeable in terms of both the academic knowledge and industry real-life experiences. I also enjoyed a lot with the lively and relax way of teaching in class!

My first exam would be this Friday but I still don’t feel like I am well-prepared for it yet. This means that I should be staying in the Library for almost the coming three weeks. I think this is the exam time for almost every student now, so I’ll wish all the best to our exams!