Flu or exam season?

Hey y’all!

Exam season is just around the corner, which means we will be spending endless nights in the library cramming and chugging cups of coffee..! Yet, we are often unaware that we are most vulnerable at this time of the year, sleepless nights mean we are giving viruses a chance to creep into our bodies, and trust me, that’s the last thing you would want when you have exams in a few days!

Just in case those of you who haven’t been up to date with the news, H3N2, otherwise known as ‘Aussie Flu’ has been circulating and finding its way to the UK; last year, it made quite an impression on the people, triggering severe infections in young children and the elderly. Although most people tend to recover in a week without any special treatments but its still better to be safe than sorry! Last year, Surrey has also been on high alert with Meningitis B, all students living on campus were told to take the vaccination shots; most students had experienced a range of reactions to the injection, but it prevented the virus from spreading. 

If the Aussie flu is becoming more wide spread, its likely we’ll be asked to take the flu jab as well. However there has been questions on how effective the vaccine is, as this flu is more prone for the elderly and children, the vaccine may not work as efficiently for them since they have a weaker immune system.

That’s not it though, there has been occurrences based off the Japanese and French flu as well! If you’re gonna be around children a lot, its best to ensure they are not susceptible to any illnesses. Kids are often ‘spreaders’; they catch bugs outside of home, and their bodies are unable to identify whether the bug can make them sick or kill them. It’s expected the flu would develop into pneumonia or bronchitis.

So keep up the good health habits to prevent germs from spreading to others! If you do feel unwell, make sure to let your GP know and get help!

Well, I’m gonna end the blog here, I have got to get back to studying!