Summer activities in Guildford

“What can I do if I am staying here for the summer break?” For students who are considering to stay in Guildford rather than returning home for the break, this blog is hoping to give some ideas to those students. Surrey is an excellent destination for road cyclists and mountain bikers. The Downs Link is primarily off-road long distance path to experience for riders. It also has a relaxing walk path for people who like to stroll around.


Thorpe Park has 5 of 8 British favourite roller coasters in the country. The most famous ‘Walking Dead’ themed ride can be found in the Thorpe Park, also with Derren Brown’s Ghost train and the ‘Saw’ ride are all located there. I recommend some active students can consider visiting the Airhop Trampoline Park once. It has over 50 Trampolines in the court, and visitors can also play dodgeball on and Basketball Slam Dunk there. (I had so much fun in Airhop before haha) 

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Guildford Spectrum is a popular area for students to visit, it offers ice skating stadium, tenpin bowling and standard swimming pool. Spectrum has a plethora of courses for all ages, like adults dancing, Yoga, Hockey, Gymnastic and even Martial Arts courses. I also suggest students can visit nearby towns, make a trip to Europe countries during the stay. One day tour like Brighton, Reading and Bristol would be some lovely travel destinations. Personally, I recommend having a picnic by the lake in university. As you may have noticed already, I really like the uni lake. So please please visit once when you come around Surrey.

(Credit to: The Guildford Photographer)