Next steps?

Hey guys!

Now that I have entered the second semester, everything seems to be at top speed!

It’s time to think about the masters’ application!

Over the last few years, I have been able to build a good relationship with my professors and they have been more than helpful to direct me in the right route. There are so many opportunities and possibilities, I’m both excited and nervous where I’ll be in the next few months!

I have decided to apply for a masters’ program back home and in London, I figured it would best suit me to live the city life after all! It was great having Surrey as my second home and I have met some really amazing people, it would also take some getting used to to a city! So far, I have my eye on CUHK and HKU as well as LSE! Having done business with HR degree, I’ve come to think to do a more specified degree that would provide me with certification to enter an industry; which is why I set on data science!

There is so much to think about and this is where the careers and employability team come in! I was having a look around the hive at the start of the first semester and it struck me that I would have liked to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment! After speaking with a few of the staff here, I was more than certain that doing stats and programming suited what I was looking for!

If any of us ever have any doubts about your career path or anything degree-related, it is definitely worth seeing the careers team about any issues you might have or are currently experiencing! They are fully equipped and they are professionals at speaking to students who might be struggling to cope with university!

In terms of deciding on the universities, I want to study in, my personal experience showed me that the surrounding environment and campus was definitely one of the main concerns, as well as speaking to current students about their learning experiences at university! Some universities have several campuses, whereas some have lecture halls gathered in one place! I also think the ratio between the UK and international students is important, personally, most of my friends are international, they were able to bring some interesting insights to our conversations and knowing about their background and culture has really broadened my view!

What do you guys think?