Happy Graduation! #classof2021

These 3 years had been a blast, I still couldn’t believe I just graduated from the University of Surrey a week ago. Throughout the journey, IĀ am more than grateful to receive enormous support from the teachers, dearest friends and family. Despite the challenges from online learning, I still had the best university life I could ever ask for. The opportunities that I received had definitely filled up my university experience and get ready for the challenges ahead. In this blog, I am going to put my feelings in words by listing the roles that I took during my years. Without further ado, bear with me!

As an International Hospitality Management student, I got to understand the latest management concepts and essential industrial skill set. The hotel visits, guest lectures provided me with an eye-opening perspective to ace in the hospitality industry. More than that, I am equipped with practical skills through serving in the kitchen, cafe and restaurant with my groupmates in my first year. I still remember how much effort we poured to prepare the one-day Lakeside restaurant take-over project. From designing dishes to decoration, we had done so much research and consultation to achieve the best result. Luckily, we received appreciation from customers and our teacher. Besides, the assignments and group projects allowed me to read through external sources from channels vary from the internet, readings and interviews. Even though the group projects in third-year switch to mainly online, this trained our adaptability to the new environment beyond time difference. All these prepared me to become an active learner and impactful future leader in a comprehensive way.

Till now, I was still amazed at how the role of student ambassador changed me. I literally stepped out of my comfort zone to submit the application and I made it! I was able to connect with people from different backgrounds and promote the university through the content creation of blogs here and answering inquiries on the Unibuddy platform. Just like this Surrey meets Hong Kong site, I am granted an opportunity to write down and share my feelings and experience. I am sure I will read them over and over again whenever I miss Surrey haha. There is one thing I kept in my mind when I worked as a student ambassador: Don’t be afraid to say Hi with a smile! You will never know how many wonderful chats this simple action will lead you to. I just cannot describe the sense of satisfaction when they thanked you and became friends afterwards. I have no regret to say this was one of the best decisions I had made.

As a member of societies, I got to make friends from different courses and ages. Leadership and teamwork spirit are fostered when we organised events throughout the years. It was a brand new experience that most of the events were held online, yet we were still able to connect with each others and enjoy the best we could.

I am blessed to make life-long friends and created lots of unforgettable memories at Surrey. I am fortunate enough to travel to counties like Belgium, Germany etc. with them. I had the best time! I am also thankful for the teachers’ guidance for the assignments and even my postgraduate application. Thank you for everything!

It is always hard to say goodbye. Sadly, this is probably the last blog I publish at this site. I hereby wishing all graduates a prosperous future ahead. I am very much looking forward to the adventure ahead as a postgraduate student! A massive thank you to everyone I met at Surrey! Wishing you all the best #ForeverSurrey