Vienna, the picturesque city

Finally, we have done all the exams!  It’s break time so guess what?  Travel time! (ok I admit it the trip was happened back in mid-Jan and I wrote this blog back then, please don’t mind me :P)

This time, Vienna, the city of art will be our destination.  Let’s immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of this wonderful city, where you can see different types of building designs, fine arts and museums!

Schönbrunn Palace, one of the most famous palace in the world
Hochstrahlbrunnen, at night

About Austria


Austria can get quite cold in such time – in Jan, its temperature in Jan may reaches 2 and may likely drop to -5°C on the coldest days.

Currency & Tipping

Euro is the currency of Austria, card is also accepted in most of the places, however, may sometimes subject to a minimum purchase amount. Most banks in Vienna open from Mon to Fri, from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. and until 5:30 p.m. (nearly all banks in the center area *1st district are open over lunchtime.)

Tip is traditionally given in many different service areas in Vienna, such as taxis and restaurants, normally at 5 to 10% of your bill but of course, depending on the level of satisfaction with the service you have received!

Opening hours

Also, in Vienna, most of the shops and attractions close pretty early throughout the week where they will also close on Sundays.  And only a tiny number of attractions will have their lights on at night, for your reference in case any one of you were thinking about taking some beautiful night views.  So, it may be your best interest to avoid going there on Sunday or you may just have to spend your precious travel time in your accommodation 🙁  But of course, some bars and pubs will still be opening.

Need Travel Guide?

ivie, available on App Store and Play Store

By the time we arrive the airport, we may find a brochure at the front desk.  It’s a map of the museums in Vienna, do get one and have a look to see if there’s any places or museums that you may want to spend your time in the next couple of days.  It has covered most of the information such as address, opening time and special features of most museums in Vienna.  Or, simply download ivie – a travel guide app that gives you all sorts of information in Vienna, such as transportation, upcoming events, travel tips, maps and so forth.

Travel passes that gives you hassle-free experience

You may find more options on their website as well, choose one that suits you best!

For those of you who wishes to travel with greater convenience, do have a look at the Vienna City Card where it gives you the access on all transportations in the core zone of Vienna.  Also, there’re options for more benefits like museum discounts and airport meet and greet.  Price varies from type to type so do choose carefully before buying one for yourself (24/48/72-hour options available)!

Or, if you just want to enjoy yourself a hassle-free journey, simply get the Vienna pass with transportation option (1/2/3/6-day options available) where it gives you access to almost all museums and attractions, which is more expensive but I assure you, it’s worth it.

Do beware that there are two types of Vienna pass, namely the flexi and the normal one.  The normal one allows you to enter a great number of museums and on all public transportations for free within the number of days that you have opted for, consecutively, and it will only be activated when it’s used instead of the moment that you make the purchase.

The other one gives you greater flexibility where you can use it only on the day you want, in other words, you can use it flexibly when you feel like to instead of sticking to a fixed amount of days.

Here we go!

Ladies and gentlemen, enough for all the preparations!  It’s time to explore!


The airport is approximately 30-minute away from the center area, City Airport Trains would be the fastest way to get there (to Wien Mitte Station). However, you may need to take OBB trains or airport shuttle bus if you were to go Wien Hauptbahnhof.

Or take the train to Wien HBF!
Well, wish I had more time for Salzburg next time…

Moreover, most of the attractions in Vienna are rather accessible as they are all connected or located right next lots of different transportation such as train, tram or bus station (Google map is your friend here). Simply get a Vienna city card if you fancy a hassle-free experience.


As a city of art, you will basically see different kinds of museums everywhere in the center area of Vienna.  Ranging from military, pathology and natural history to fine arts, jewelry as well as modern art.  So fear not if you are not a big of orchestra or opera, you will always find the very exhibition that you enjoying watching 😉 

Museum of Military History, our first stop!
The ‘Madhouse’ Tower, we will soon be covering this but this is not for the faint hearted.. so beware!
Albertina Museum, one of the most important museums in the world that houses with approximately 65,000 drawings and a million old master prints!
The back of Albertina

If you have purchased the Vienna pass, you can enter these museums for free!  But do be noted that each attraction can only be visited once with your pass.  So do plan your itinerary in advance and make sure you have enough time for each museum – it’s possible that you may spend half a day in just ONE museum!

Welcome to the Museum of Military History!

… and here comes the military Geek me lol

Three main areas can be found in this military museum, namely Sea, Air and land.  In each area, you may see the uniforms and armors of various troops or units.  There are also war medals, weapons across different centuries like sword, pistol and machine guns as well as paintings of some well-known Austrian commanders and illustration of the wars in the past.

Helmet back in the days
The sea area!
Powder mill
Fancy to know how heavily they actually are? Well, there you go!

More for the military geeks!

Well, it’s Welt

Let’s go to the Welt Museum!  In there, you will find even more ancient armors and weapons not only from Austria, but the whole world as well as some of the most important collections of non-European cultures.  It’s also a museum of instruments, don’t miss out if you are a fan of that!

Set of beautifully designed revolver, with quite some years of history
Powder mill and shotgun made out of tusk brutal yet elegant
Equipments that soldiers use back in the war days
painting that illustrates the past days
well, soldiers need entertainment as well
Also, weapons from Japan!
Moai spotted!
Prepare to soak yourself in a different dimension of culture!
“Are these arts … ?”
Well, it’s simultaneously a museum for musicians and instrument lovers!
Be sure to spare some time to check them out!

Hop on Hop off bus

Benefits for Vienna Pass holders, unlike attractions’ entry restriction, you may enjoy limited access to Hop on Hop off bus!

Do be noted that the green one below is the one for Vienna Pass, not the red ones. In addition, free WiFi and audio guide in 16 languages are provided on bus, but require to be used with earpiece with 3.5mm jack plug. Free earpieces are provided on bus, for those who don’t have one.

Not free for V.Pass holders, but you sure may still take them
Now let’s talk about some of the best ways to travel around the city <3
Although free earpieces are available on bus, do use your own to avoid wastage!

Bout’ time to grab some food

Sure thing I mean, we all need to eat. Here are some recommendations, Cafe Museum and Bitzinger Wurstelstand.

Adress: Operngasse 7 Karlsplatz / Secession / Naschmarkt, Vienna 1010 Austria
Scramble eggs with truffled blood sausage, DIVINE
Let’s not forget this famous Sacher Cake in Austria!
Bitzinger Sausage Stand @ Albertinaplatz, quality grilled sausages but only cash is accepted so don’t forget to have some coins prepared
The Monument Against War and Fascism nearby

Thirsty for more?

Yup, right, time to back for more. Got you all covered, too much military content right?  Let’s go to the Natural History and Fine Art Museum!

Mineralogy & Petrography Hall that exhibit different types of minerals, meteorites in Natural History Museum
Another hall for paleontology, where you may find this cutie ancient fish, fossil animals and plants
Coins from different countries in various centuries, appreciate the power of Capitalism 😀
Prince Rupert von der Pfalz, an impressive person with a varied career
Kitchenware and utensils made out of tusk, could never imagine what it’s like to live such a wealthy life :$

Instagrammable snaps? Check this out

I heard some of you were looking for a spot for some good pictures?  Then both Belvedere and Schönbrunn Palace can be a wonderful place to fulfill your desire 😉

Taken at the Garden @ Schönbrunn Palace, available for different angles. Furthermore, noticed those puddles? They can also be a good friend for some astonishing sky-reflecting shots
Make use of natural light, it is your best friend for INSTAGRAMMABLE shots! Check this one taken inside Belvedere Palace.

More in City Center?

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna, established in 1469.

The very one erected as the Diocese of Vienna on 18 January 1469 out of the Diocese of Passau, and further elevated to an archdiocese on 1 June 1722.

Patience is a good thing 😛

Hey folks, let’s stop here, think it’s a little bit too rich to digest.  Shall we rest a bit for now, and come back for more content in Vienna?

Meanwhile, do comment below if you have any questions, and I’ll see you all in the next blog post 😉