Au revoir, France. Ciao, Milano!

Here comes the second half of our Spring Vacation!

So we have now been to Paris, Nice and some other places. It’s yet the end of our journey tho! This time, we will be going to Italy, walk around Milan, Florence and some other places just like we did in France. So if you are all set, fasten your seatbelt and here we go!

The world is bigger than we could ever imagine, so let’s explore, cuz why not?

About Milan


Similar to France, April is one of the best months to visit Italy. A lovely time when spring blossoms in full force bringing pleasant temperatures and fragrant air which best explain an old Italian saying –

“Aprile, dolce dormie”

it means, April, sweet sleeping, indeed.


Train can be one of the ways to get to Milan from Paris if you have the Eurail or Interrail Pass, if that’s not the case, simply take a flight and it wouldn’t be expensive, speaking from both London and Paris – and it’s almost as fast as traveling to other cities from Guildford!


So, a visit to the Duomo is said to be a must-do thing and is a humbling experience as you admire the sheer enormity of scale and ambition!

Milan Cathedral, landmark in Milan. Took 6 centuries to build, also known as the largest church in Italy and the fifth largest in the world… How lucky are we to be witnessing any of these just to be frank?

Apart from those stunning facts, the church actually has a shocking number of statues and gargoyles – 3400 statues and exceeding 700 marble figures standing all over the church… Moreover, the roof is accessible! Do remember to get up there to overlook Milan from the top!

including Bartholomew’s statue, one of Jesus’s apostles

who was skinned alive for preaching the gospel… so this statue is inside the cathedral. The book he is holding was draped in his skin

Outside the church, there are lots of different shops, ranging from clothing to boutiques. do spare some time in your itinerary
Inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a shopping arcade

Leonardo3 Museum (3D and interactive exhibitions)

Surrealism Exhibition in MUDEC, does anyone know Dali btw?

Want to see Da Vinci’s Last Supper? Please do not forget to buy yourself a ticket in advance plus to make a reservation (it’s at Dominican Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie). Slots will open few months in advance where you can find details on their website, and in fact, slot runs out very quickly and it’s indeed very popular!

Lago di Como (Lake Como)

So here’s another place not to miss, well-known for its astonishing lake view and mountain landscape. (ok just not the time we go lol)

Get tickets at the ticket machine to avoid admin or handling fee! There are plenty of them at the station but still, prepare for long queue during high seasons!
so the weather didn’t turn out as good as we expected so let’s maybe we should just skip that, so we wouldn’t ruin your imagination 🙁
Once again, the ticket is only valid when you stamp it, so don’t forget to do so or you will be fined. For some stations, you might have to hand write the info if there’s no stamping machine in operation
Como War Memorial
Imagine being a police in Italy 😀
and in fact, there are lots of interesting shops around that worth your visit! Tailored design for your jacket and shoes!
a shop that full of truffled products, holyyyyy heaven
Limoncello, lemon wine in English. Don’t forget to get some as souvenirs!!
so, this is a question that worth asking in our lives. do we comply or do we do what we want?


Distreat, we thought it was a little bistro when we book but then we realized it’s a fine restaurant by the time we arrived! Atmospheric decor and interior design, with a spacious communal area inside
Quality dishes, Milanese Risotto, Grilled Octopus and pasta! Their menu varies day to day so don’t forget to check before you go! The staff are lovely and nice as well, definitely worth all penny <3
Ok so this is shark meat @ Altravia Bowls, in case anyone of you are fancying, it was unexpectedly tasty tho
LE COLONNE GELATI & CREPES FAMOSE, where you can get some quality ice-cream in Milan!! A MUST-DO PLACE!!!!!

So there was not really much that I did there but Milan is definitely worth spending some time to explore, plus, if the weather allows Lake Como will be a great place to visit just like those villages around Nice. Speaking of Villages, we will be heading to La Spezia, and walk around Cinque Terre in our next blogpost 😉