🇲🇦 The Moroccan Blue Pearl – Chefchaouen 🔵

Nestled in the heart of the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is a Moroccan city that captivates people with its striking blue-washed buildings and vibrant streets- even BBC named it as a paradise on Earth! 💙

Overlooking Chefchaouen from top hits differently, have to say

Founded in 1471 as a fortress to fight the Portuguese invasions, Chefchaouen has grown from a strategic outpost into a charming and tranquil destination. Chefchaouen is accessible by daily buses and taxis between major cities like Fez and Tangier which the journey takes about 4 hours ride.

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Known affectionately as “The Blue Pearl,” Chefchaouen stands out not only for its unique aesthetics but also for its laid-back atmosphere, attracting travelers looking for a serene retreat from Morocco’s bustling cities.

Travelers from all around the globe!

The origin of Chefchaouen’s iconic blue paint is shrouded in a mix of myth and history.  Some believe it was introduced by Jewish refugees who settled in the city back in the 1930s, as blue is a color significant in Judaism symbolizing the sky and heaven. 

Blue, Blue is everywhere in here

Another theory suggests the blue hue was adopted to keep mosquitoes away, as they are believed to dislike water. Regardless of its beginnings, the blue paint has become an integral part of Chefchaouen’s identity, making it one of the most photogenic cities in the world. The tradition continues today, with locals regularly refreshing the blue paint on their buildings, maintaining the city’s ethereal charm.

one of the most popular photo spots
paintings everywhere!
look at this curious baby

Visitors to Chefchaouen will find no shortage of activities to immerse themselves in.  Strolling through the medina, with its winding lanes and artisanal shops, offers a sensory feast of sights, sounds, and scents.

lovely colors everywhere as well
even Nick Fury loves cat, what are my reasons not to?
Cats indeed are everywhere, just like in Turkey

The Plaza Uta el-Hammam is the bustling heart of the city, perfect for people-watching and enjoying Moroccan cuisine at the many cafes and restaurants.

History enthusiasts will appreciate exploring the Kasbah, a restored fortress and museum that provides insights into the city’s past. Nature lovers can venture into the surrounding Rif Mountains for hiking and breathtaking panoramic views. Whether you’re shopping for local crafts, indulging in a traditional hammam, or simply wandering the enchanting blue streets, Chefchaouen promises an unforgettable experience!

Said everyone, Chefchaouen is not a very big city. But, it indeed is a perfect place for people to slow down and take a moment to enjoy life and feel every moment of life, as we all deserve to
as the sun goes down…
nightfall in here… is just amazing

Yet, we are far from the end of this journey! Stay tuned for the next blog to another Moroccan city 😉