Long time no see

Hey guys,

So sorry for the absence of blogs for the past few weeks. The university was closed for Easter break and I was bombarded with courseworks as soon as university reopened. The past few weeks have been very eventful I must say. Before the easter break, the university hosted a number of events run by different societies and clubs. As i mentioned in the previous blog, iGala took place and it was a huge success. iGala is an event the students union run to help socieities bring out fresh talent and also help them promote themselves. The event had a number of dance and song numbers from various societies, for eg, Indian society, Pakistani Society, Nepalese society, African society etc. Even though i would love to say that Indian society rocked the stage, the society that gathered all the attention and won a standing ovation was the Pakistani society. Their dance numbers were filled with so much energy and color that it made all the societies think twice about their dance numbers. The event as a whole was very enjoyable and I loved every minute of it.

Another event that took place was the Guildford music festival, which was held for a span of 7 days, with concerts and shows hosted throughout the Guildford town and also in the University campus. Students from the Guildford School of Arts performed self choreographed pieces and also covers from various artists. The music festival was a major hit and also gathered a lot of appreciation within campus.

More events and news to be posted in the future blogs. Look forward to it.