Search for a Placement Year.

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. This week I’m writing to you about my search for a placement year. As you all know about the change in UK visa regulations I wouldn’t say its impossible to find a job but yes its definitely harder than it was before. As a part of my course I can go on a placement after my second year which is good opportunity for me to gain some practical knowledge in my field. And also hopefully this experience might help me in finding a job after I graduate. Placement year was also one of the main reason that I chose Surrey.If your course offers the same then I’d definitely recommend you to go on a placement. Finding a placement in accounting field is actually hard because they are like 7 steps involved in getting a placement stating from making a CV to a placement day at the company. The between steps are the ones which I’m finding hard. I’ve started applying for jobs and hopefully I get through the first step. I’m not that some extraordinary guy who can smash the numerical test in one shot and get a job in the first attempt. But I’m taking every single advise from the placement team who are guiding us through the process. University runs placement classes every week which are compulsory for the students considering placement. As a part of my placement class last week we had ACCA agents coming to University to talk about the careers and also to guide through the process in approaching the companies for a placement year. Before you consider a placement what I’d recommend is to give enough time for each application and be patient through the process. University offers CV checks with various companies, an employer from a company will be in the careers office every Friday who can help you in enhancing your CV. Careers website is also an another resource where you can find guidance on writing a CV, applying for jobs in various countries around the globe. Post-graduates who are considering to work in UK after graduation, my suggestion for you would be to apply for the companies who can sponsor an International student for less disappointment. The list can be found in the UK government website. Please do remember that there is no guarantee that this can find you a job. By applying this way can save loads of you time.  I wish you all good luck those in search for jobs or placement year.