Halloween 2015

Hello there,

Its nice writing back again. As I’m in my second year its becoming quiet hard to manage work and studies. I know Halloween has gone back but I’ve got loads to say about it. I don’t think I’m a well organised guy of planning ahead of doing things. All my flatmates and my friends we’re planning about the characters that they’re gonna dress up and were trying to book tickets for the Halloween party at uni. We did plan for it quiet ahead but still we couldn’t get tickets for the party was disappointed and almost all our plans were cancelled. On the Halloween eve we walked to town where we found every single person in Halloween costumes. Which made us feel so bad. All of a sudden my friend invited me for the party at casino Night Club. All of sudden all our faces were glowing and we were so happy that all our plans are gonna come true. We started rushing to the Tesco (local supermarket) to get our costumes and unfortunately ¬†they ran out of every costume and literally had nothing. From there my friend drove us to Sainsbury’s (local super market) where they just had face paints. My flatmate Licy (who did the makeup) was too desperate, all she wanted is to go out for Halloween. We rushed back home with few beers and it was already 9 in the evening. I’ll be honest I’m very bad face painting its was Licy’s effort. She made look outstanding with very less make-up that we had. She even used all her personal make-up to make us look even good. That was first time ever in my life I put lipstick (character demand it lol :p). After having few pints we started walking through the town this time our faces filled with make-up and with the happiness that we’re actually celebrating Halloween. The moment we got in the club I started dancing crazy as the pints hit my head. My friends had no idea of what I was trying to do In the name of dance but it was so much fun! Hope you guys had a good Halloween. Have a Great weekend!12195912_907238472664675_7764596113030695973_n IMG_1269 IMG_1308