Trip to India

Hello All,

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Recapping my last blog

Good bye for now from UK and will write to you next week about the time I spent in India.


And now its all about the fun that I had in India…

I had my transit in Delhi, the sad thing was I had to collect my baggage and hand it overĀ again to Airline in Delhi. But luckily there wasn’t any hassle could finish it on time and was excited for my flight to Bengaluru. The journey was time around 2hrs but I felt like it was taking ages. I think it was because of my over exaggeration. And finally landed in Bengaluru wohoooooooo!!

For the first week I stayed back in Bengaluru at my sister’s place. It is so much fun staying at my sister’s place and my two crazy niece are the best people to hangout with. Late night roaming in city, clubbing and the best is street food especially golgappa :p

It was Sept 6 my younger niece birthday. Me and my elder niece planned for a surprise cake cut in the midnight. I packed all the gifts that I brought her from UK and had to hide it from her which was big task. The evening before her birthday for the first time after a long gap I drove a bike. It was crazy driving the busy traffic but enjoyed a lot. And at 12 midnight we woke her up with a surprise and brought her blind folded to the room we decorated. She was so amazed looking at the effort that we put in decorating the room and was literally in tears. It was her 18th birthday and she was so happy I was part of the wonderful time we spent. As you all know its a tradition of going to temple on your temple so the next morning had to go to temple for worship. And that afternoon the sister and my mum started making loads and loads of varieties of food. Starting with Chicken biriyani to desserts all were home made and it was a longtime since I had homemade food. As we all were fasting in the morning I was so badly waiting for the lunch then came the feast. Of course I cook Indian food and sometimes do takeaway from Indian restaurants in UK but the food made by my mum is always something special. I don’t know whether it is because of the spices that she uses or the love that she makes it with. I had a heavy lunch which made me asleep right on the sofa where I had my lunch. And that is it from Bengaluru for this week. Will be writing to you about the time I spent in my Hometown next week.

See you all next week.

Have a great week ahead.