Recapping Summer :)

Hi there,

Its great to write to you all again. Its been a long time since I blogged. Hope you all had a great summer break. And of course I had a great one too. My break was filled with work, fun and India trip. As soon as I finished my university exams I started working full time at local Subway. I literally worked every single day for 2 months and saved a good money. I was so tired with the work and decided to have a break. I was wondering why not go back to India and spend some time with family. The moment this idea came into my mind I started looking for flights. I should say I’m lucky to get a return ticket for £400 and then few moments later I was holding the ticket. I still had like a month for my flight but I started dreaming about my trip every single day. And a week before I started packing my things that is when I was super excited. My brother came down to my place to help me with packing and we moved all my stuff to my friend’s house. My brother cooked nice lunch and we had a relaxing evening with some beers. I had mixed feelings about my trip because I’d miss my brother, friends and work here but at the same time I was excited to see my mom and friends back in India. The week before I flew was the most memorable days. Everyday I was with my friends after work. We went clubbing, movie night, parties at home on repeat mode. Finally, it was September 2 the day I was waiting for. My flight was at 21:00 so we decided to drive to Portsmouth for shopping. We hit the roads with loud music, screaming especially me. I was literally dancing in the car and my friends felt I’ve gone crazy. I spent loads on shopping for myself and for my relatives back in India(which you can see in the below pictures). Then started back to Airport it was peak hour traffic so we were worried if we could make it on time. But thankfully we reached 2 hours prior to my flight. It was time to say good-bye to my friends. Those last hugs made me feel as if I was going back permanently. But then they cheered me up and the waving of hands continued until I finished my security check……………….

Good bye for now from UK and will write to you next week about the time I spent in India.