Finding a Part time

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing good. This week I’m writing to you about the part time work at Hill Side restaurant in the university. University offers its part time jobs through a private organisation call UNITEMPS(which you would be hearing quite a lot in University). I’d recommend you to register with UNITEMPS as soon as you can. Before starting a part time you would asked for NI number (National Insurance) and a bank account. More information on how to apply for NI number can be found in the attached link below

Apparently it takes around four weeks for the process so I’d recommend you do it ASAP as well. I keep getting plenty of emails from prospective students about the part time and how hard is it and many more queries like that. To be honest with you nothing is easy for instance I’ve recently applied for Greggs for which I had to do their online application which was so long and I thought of giving up half way through it. But dint do so because I wanted a proper part time so desperately. Online application was the first step and I further had to Face to Face interview which was for a hour 🙁

After doing all this thankfully I got selected. Sometimes it can be as hard as this I don’t want to scare you that all jobs are as hard as this but I found this process very long than any of my other previous jobs. I also would like to share about my current job at Hillside restaurant. I work as a team member at Hill side an University managed canteen. I’m working here since this June and I initially was offered only 4 or 5 hours a week. And slowly at present I’m working like 12-15 hours a week. I’d recommend you finding a job within the University because no other high street job could pay you more. I’m finding it hard to manage both work and studies during the week. Sadly I’d be leaving Hillside shortly and would definitely be missing the team. I’m just keeping my blog short so that you wouldn’t be bored. But you can always feel free to email me at should you have any further queries.

Wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year!!