*wordless personal handshake*

Hope everyone had a terrific start. I sincerely wish all your weight loss resolutions to become a success- so jog to the gym everyday!

For those students who stay at university during Christmas holidays, International end of year lunch is a great event to look forward to. I met lovely people from all over the world and had great fun playing this Chinese game/competition with strings forming a pattern in their fingers…I forgot to ask them the name. Oh well, here they are…

int lunch

As promised, you will get to know a lot about The University of Surrey’s library today. Actually, strike that, I will basically be giving you ‘the library tour’ so hold on to your seats. First of all, I was under the impression that library meant books and books meant study. But there is literally everything inside the library and it is open 24/7 during term time. My first visit to the library was when I wanted to check out some of the books from my reading lists. In case some of you don’t know what reading lists are, they’re a list of books recommended by your lecturer, pretty much a textbook. They are too costly to buy and the library has all of the books, so it’s better to borrow. I borrowed my books and had a quick look around. There are five floors and all the floors have a number of computers free for us to use any number of hours (after logging in with your university username and password). The entrance is on the first floor. After passing through the stairs/lift…computers…there’s the Whisper’s cafe where there are a few vending machines and water refill, it is usually where you can relax over a cup of coffee with friends and also my seminar group’s meeting point. There are three types of study zones- silent study, individual study and group study zones and I don’t need to say what they are because it’s self-explanatory. Level two is full of computers and study spaces with books and each level has a number of multifunctional devices (for printing/photocopying etc.). The third floor is important because it has the Student Personal Learning And Study Hub (SPLASH). More on it later. Fourth and fifth floor harbours a lot of books and of course study spaces. There are lots of open study spaces and also a few small closed rooms in case you want to shut yourself out of the world for a while. Personally, I have never stayed inside the library after 8PM but my friends tell me there are students who pull an all-nighter before exams in there.

lib 2 Level 1’s christmas tree

lib 1 That’s level two

lib 3

Like everyone else, you may have been fooled by that ‘free pizza’ sign but here’s what it actally says:

lib 5

My biology books are on the fifth floor, so every time I want to study I take the lift. But recently, I discovered this sign board (though it was on the wall forever) that says I can burn 2.7 calories by climbing one staircase (not one stair, mind you) so that would make 27 calories up and down. Fair enough to make me take the stairs every time after the massive discovery.

That’s all at the moment.

Until next time!